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Brands Risk Being Caught in the Crossfire of New EU Political Ad Regulations, Industry Bodies Warn


The impending regulations from the European Union (EU) regarding political advertising messages could have repercussions for brands who risk their marketing messages getting caught up under the loose--and overlapping--definitions, industry bodies have warned.

10 Small Businesses to Launch in 2022

Ad Rants

More and more people are choosing to work for themselves , and it's easy to see why. Self-employed entrepreneurs don't have to answer to anyone and get to set their own hours. Talk about a dream situation.


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How One Of The Little Guys In Digital Media Figured Out Programmatic


Independent publishers lack the bandwidth to make sense of the digital ad industry – most are just trying to stay afloat.

Media 109

What Starbucks’ bet on NFTs says about the future of loyalty

Marketing Dive

The chain's renowned rewards program adds a buzzy new value-grab, potentially laying a course for other marketers to follow

Unilever Hit With Greenwashing Ad Ban for Vague Environmental Claims


Unilever is the latest business to fall foul of ad regulators for making "unclear" claims relating to the environment. Cleaning product brand Persil has been hit with an ad ban for a TV spot which ran in the U.K. as part of its longstanding "Dirt is Good" campaign.


The WIR: Netflix Ad Prices Emerge, Nielsen Goes Private, and Samsung Doubles Down on FAST


In this week’s Week in Review: Rumours circulate around the cost of advertising on Netflix, Nielsen shareholders approve its sale to private equity, and Samsung revamps its streaming service. Top Stories. Netflix Ad Rumours Spell Value for Consumers, Costly for Brands.

CPM 98

Branch Just Bought A First-Party Data Platform For App Developers


Mobile measurement provider Branch is expanding its offering with the acquisition of a first-party data platform. On Wednesday, Branch bought AdLibertas, a data platform that helps developers gather and analyze their first-party data in one place.

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Nike and Zendaya Honor Serena Williams: ‘By Changing Nothing, She Changed Everything’


As Serena Williams wraps up her historic tennis career, some of her biggest brand partners are taking a moment to celebrate her legacy both on and off the court.

Heinz drops ketchup-stained vintage collection to celebrate sustainability

Marketing Dive

Clothes are sourced from and available exclusively on ThredUp and come as younger consumers embrace thrifting as a part of sustainability efforts

Comic: The Fear Of Finding Out


A weekly comic strip from that highlights the digital advertising ecosystem…. The post Comic: The Fear Of Finding Out appeared first on AdExchanger. Comic Strip digital media supply chain programmatic advertising

Media 95

Unbeatable vs perfect

Seth Godin

Google has killed more than 200 projects over the last few decades. They fail all the time. More than once a month they shut down a business that frightened the competition and seduced consumers. That’s part of the recipe for becoming an unbeatable behemoth. Fail a lot.


Marketing Morsels: DraftKings’ Fresh Ball Smell, Flies Love Truly, Corn Kid Campaigns and More


Welcome to Marketing Morsels, a menu of delightful news items from the past week. Enjoy the assortment! Morsel #1: DraftKings wants tennis fans to smell like balls DraftKings is venturing from sports betting into. fragrances?

Four Seasons brushes off old luxury tropes as part of brand relaunch

Marketing Dive

A new campaign represents the marketer’s largest paid media effort to date and was inspired by real guest stories showcasing personalized stays

Retail Media Needs A Reality Check


Editorial opinion byJames HercherSenior EditorAdExchangerCommerce and retail media suddenly became an incredible tailwind for online advertising. Retail media is now an important part of the growth picture painted for investors by The Trade Desk.

“How can I help?”

Seth Godin

It’s a simple question that can open doors. But it also creates tension. The person you’re seeking to connect with might not want to believe that help is possible. There’s a solace that comes from being really and truly stuck, and hope might not be on their agenda.


Netflix Snags 2 Snap Execs to Run Advertising Division Ahead of AVOD Debut


Netflix finally found the strategic leaders for its upcoming ad-supported tier. Snap's chief business officer Jeremi Gorman will join the streaming giant as president of worldwide advertising as Netflix prepares to make its way into the world of ad-supported streaming.

The Brexit-Led Broadcaster Exodus from the UK Appears to be Complete


The European Audiovisual Observatory reported today that the number of broadcasters relocating away from the UK has fallen back to pre-Brexit levels, suggesting that an exodus away from the UK which was primarily caused by Brexit is now finally complete.

AdExplainer: The Digital Services Act Vs. The Digital Markets Act


A tide of online accountability has come to Europe. In July, the European Parliament adopted the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Although they were passed as one legislative package, they function as two distinct laws.

The 2nd Age of Martech has arrived, and it’s all about convergence in ecosystems

Chief Martech

In 2019, I hypothesized that we were on the cusp of a Second Golden Age of Martech. Owner Ad Practitioners Rebrands to Money Group


The media company behind the editorial titles Money and Consumers Advocate, as well as proprietary ad tech Navchain, has rebranded from Ad Practitioners to Money Group in an effort to better reflect its commercial focus, according to its chief executive Greg Powel.

TF1 and Westfield Offer Hybrid Digital/Physical Ad Campaigns


This morning TF1 Live announced a partnership with commercial real estate giant Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW). TF1 Live sits within TF1 PUB, the media sales arm of French broadcaster TF1. URW is a French retail property operator with 82 shopping centres around the world.

Why A Recession Won’t Change What Matters To Marketers


For much of 2022, business leaders have been bracing for a downturn. But if a recession does hit, advertisers are unlikely to pull back on performance spend as they continue to chase consumer attention amid changing media consumption habits.

The last minute

Seth Godin

If you do anything at the last minute that takes more than a minute, you’re not organizing your project properly. The last minute is not a buffer zone, nor is it the moment to double-check your work.


Adnatomy: Staples Takes a Stroll Down the Nostalgia Aisle


When it comes to advertising, a great way to get your messaging to stick is a catchy jingle. Staples took it up a notch with its 60-second spot "The Sign," set to the hit Ace of Base song by the same name, tapping into '90s nostalgia to remind customers that when it comes to making.

Maybelline partners with Zynga for playable ad integration

Marketing Dive

The branded mini-game requires players to pair together icons to reveal a shoppable mascara paired with a customer review

Why Churn Still Matters In The Age Of AVOD


The success and value of an AVOD platform depends on more than just the size and growth of the audience. How much time they spend streaming also matters.

Congratulations to Our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Natasha Cuomo!

Buyer Advertising

Buyer proudly recognizes and congratulates Natasha Cuomo on her recent promotion to Vice President of Strategic Partnerships! Natasha joined Buyer in January 2020, right before the COVID-19 outbreak.

How Microsoft Windows Reached 1 Million TikTok Followers in Nine Months


Like many brands on TikTok, Microsoft Windows was seeking attention, but from the one person who wouldn't listen. The object of Window's affection was TikTok comedian Emily Zugay, known for making fun of brand logos and offering her own goofy redesigns.


Pernod Ricard taps Tombras to spur US growth for Chivas Regal

Marketing Dive

The independent agency is tasked with translating the brand’s recent growth in global markets for the American consumer

Doing The Math On Privacy Compliance


A podcast interview withFiona Campbell-WebsterChief Privacy OfficerCCPA, CPRA, VCDPA, UCPA, CPA, CPDPA … It’s hard enough keeping track of the acronyms for state-based privacy laws in the US, let alone complying with them.

CPA 89

Marketers engaging better with disabled consumers but barriers remain

Marketing Tech News

83% of businesses are doing more to provide accessibility in digital marketing than in the past, demographics such as age, gender and race are more often prioritized in marketing efforts.

Gatorade and Beyoncé Celebrate Serena Williams’ Enduring Legacy in Moving Short Film


True icons are rarely defined by a single moment. This is especially the case for Serena Williams, who has changed the game of tennis so thoroughly over nearly three decades that she is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Food 247

Procter & Gamble throws support behind Trade Desk’s Unified ID

Marketing Dive

The CPG giant is the latest major ad world player to throw its weight behind the ad tech firm’s replacement for third-party cookies

Procter & Gamble Is Doing The Unified ID 2.0 Thing


P&G is taking a gamble on Unified ID 2.0. Sorry, had to.) The CPG giant publicly signaled its support for the initiative on Thursday. But P&G had already been using UID 2.0 since last year to create anonymized identifiers tied to its first-party data for activation in the bidstream.

The Power of Two

Digital Turbine

The first half of 2022 has been a wild ride. Discretionary spending has slowed in the US thanks to inflation at a 40 year record high and the cost of necessities rising faster than average incomes.

The Speed of Culture: Content to Commerce


In an era of technological advancement, with various devices at our disposal, who still wears a watch? Lots of people, as it turns out. As a multi-billion dollar industry, watches are always on-trend and sales grow every year.

Take the Decision Fatigue Out of Your Ad Mix


Marketers have a lot of options when it comes to ad platforms, with new opportunities popping up regularly. It can seem like a full-time job just to keep track of the shifting tides of advertising platforms, but it doesn’t have to be.