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3 changes coming to Google Ads audience features


Google Ads is reminding advertisers about some changes to its audience targeting and reporting features. Reuse audiences. Advertisers will be able to reuse audiences across campaigns. Google Ads is renaming some key terms in your audience report and throughout Google Ads.

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George Parker: was the Super Bowl ad audience gripped? Or taking a time out.

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The best news is that my favorite ad, “Loretta,” from Google has been ranked amongst the top three of the 62 spots that ran throughout the game. OK, so the Super Bowl fever is finally subsiding.


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Transparency for All

IAB Tech Lab

IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency Center, launched in summer of 2021, is a centralized resource for metadata about participants in the ad tech ecosystem.

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DatafuelX launches predictive analytics solutions to improve linear TV and CTV outcomes


A new advertising analytics company, datafuelX, will offer forecasting and optimization of ad audiences for both marketers and publishers on the buy side and sell side.

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Meta settles lawsuit with Justice Department over ad-serving algorithms

TechCrunch Ads

But assuming it moves forward, Meta said that it has agreed to develop a new system for housing ads and pay a roughly $115,000 penalty, the maximum under the FHA. officials have long accused Meta of discriminatory ad targeting practices. The U.S.

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Instagram Ad Targeting – 84-point Guide [2023 UPDATE]

Karola Karlson

Instagram ad targeting is the key to achieving success with your ad campaigns. In this chapter of our Instagram Advertising Guide , we’re going to discover all the different Instagram target audiences. How to create Instagram and Facebook ad audiences?

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The Demise of Third-Party Cookies in AdTech: Why Are They Being Phased Out?


They are mainly used for cross-site identification, which can then power programmatic advertising processes like audience targeting, retargeting, frequency capping, and measurement. Ad blockers also prevent third-party cookies from being saved to a user’s device.

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7 underutilized ways to drive traffic to your brand


Also, a recent study from HubSpot revealed that the omnipresent pop-up ads are actually the most hated ad format. Pre or mid-roll video ads were a close second with 100% of consumers skipping such ads whenever possible. Social ads. Quora Ads. TikTok Ads.

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Beyond the Blog Post: 21 Inspirational Branded Content Examples

Single Grain

your audience) than the above two points. Because content marketing has become such a crowded arena, brands have to do more than ever to stand out from everyone else's blog posts just to catch the eye of that coveted targeted audience. of internet users have an ad blocker.

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