Deliveroo Dishes Out More Ad Space to Brands


For some time, the food delivery startup has been allowing the restaurants and supermarkets it works with to purchase ad space.

How Samsung Turned the Smartphone Lock Screen Into a Charitable Ad Space


In 2019, the Samsung Global Goals app launched, giving users the power to donate to United Nations (UN) backed charitable organizations simply by watching ads.


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Reducing the Wait for Digital Ad Payments, OAREX Processes More Than $1 Billion in Transactions

Martech Series

This milestone illustrates the ongoing and increasing need for fast funding in the digital ad space. For digital media buyers and sellers, OAREX solves one of their biggest problems–the long wait time to receive digital ad payments.

The Next Era of Spoofing: Smart Refrigerators Impersonating CTV


A brand wants to buy ad space on a streaming platform, like Hulu or Tubi, sending their media buyer to an ad-tech vendor to bid. Ad Tech Connected TVWhere there's a will, there is fraud. And in the ballooning connected TV landscape, more creative schemes are emerging.

What Is Header Bidding and Why Should Publishers Be Doing It? [+Stats]


If you are a publisher in the digital ad space, header bidding is likely not new to you, regardless of whether or not you've ventured into the header bidding world.

Ad Server vs. Ad Network


Despite what you may hear people say across the ad space, ad servers and ad networks are not the same thing. Some ad networks come with hosted ad server capabilities, however. Ad Network Ad ServerKey Points.

Video Ad Servers vs. Display Ad Servers


Video ad servers and display ad servers are often one and the same. However, the capabilities of dedicated video ad servers can be stronger. Publishers newly entering the ad space can save themselves time and headaches by adopting ad servers that can handle both ad formats.

What is Ad Monetization?


Ad monetization is the process of monetizing content with advertising. This monetization method has existed for centuries, but in the modern day, publishers have to embrace ad tech to stay competitive. Ad MonetizationKey Points.

How Much Ad Revenue Can a Website Make?


And there are always ways to increase your revenue within the ad space. Ad RevenueKey Points. There is no limit to how much advertising revenue a website can make. But there are some benchmarks that tell you whether you're making enough for how much website traffic you have.

Ad Revenue Calculator


Ad revenue calculators are inaccurate at best and intentionally misleading at worst. The same often goes for revenue projections from monetization platforms throughout the ad space. Publishers control many variables that can increase or decrease ad revenue. Ad Revenue

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs): How are they evaluated?


Working hand in hand with SSPs are the demand side platforms aka DSP, facilitating advertisers to place ad creatives, bagging mass audience coverage, brand recognition and attracting maximum RoI. Ad Tech & Ad Ops

The Streaming Revolution: How Digital Video is Gaining Importance in the Programmatic Landscape


It’s estimated that programmatic ad spending will reach an all-time high of $133.04 Streaming video is dominating today’s digital landscape with the rapid expansion of programmatic advertising. billion by 2023 with digital display advertising accounting for 91.1%

How to Detect & Prevent Ad Fraud: Tips for Digital Publishers


Ad publishers in the ad tech industry spend billions of dollars everywhere, acquiring online ad spaces and placing advertisements. This leads to, just like everywhere else on the internet, a massive possibility of ad fraud.

How to Effectively Monetize with Ads


There's a big difference between monetizing with ads and doing so effectively. Whether you want to monetize your website with ads or you're looking to earn ad revenue with mobile app monetization, how you approach this task will have a direct effect on your revenue. Key Points.

Banner Ads? Yes, Banner Ads.


Brands are buying banner ad space again, giving media companies a reason to rejoice. The post Banner Ads? Yes, Banner Ads.

AdWords vs AdSense: What’s the Difference? What Do I Need to Know?


Simply put, AdWords (formerly known as Google Ads) is a system that allows businesses to bid for ad space in Google search results and on other Google-affiliated sites. AdSense is a program that enables publishers and website owners to sell advertising space to businesses.

Channel 4 claims first with programmatic deal for All 4.

More About Advertising

Channel 4’s All 4 is claiming to be the first UK broadcaster to allow advertisers to buy digital ad space programmatically through its new All 4 Private Marketplace, which uses real-time bidding.

SSP — What Is a Supply-Side Platform? A Guide for Publishers


Despite the slow adoption of programmatic in the developing markets, globally, publishers recognized the benefits of automatically selling their ad spaces through real-time auctions. Programmatic is becoming a prevailing model for monetizing media assets for digital publishers.

The State of Ad Fraud in Mobile and CTV – Q&A with Jalal Nasir, Pixalate

Exchange Wire

Following ATS London 2022, Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate, discusses the ad supply ecosystem, how prevalent fraud has become in the mobile and CTV programmatic ad space, and what the future of ad fraud detection could look like. The post The State of Ad Fraud in Mobile and CTV – Q&A with Jalal Nasir, Pixalate appeared first on Ad Fraud CTV Fraud Mobile

Mobile Ad Networks 2022: What you need to know?

Monetize More

One of the best and most widely used strategies is selling your ad spaces for mobile advertising campaigns. Mobile ad networks make connecting with the right advertisers to use your spaces easier. Here’s everything you need to know about mobile ad networks.

Webinar Recap: To Last Touch & Beyond: Measuring Performance CTV

Digital Remedy

The marketing funnel is collapsing and CTV offers a unique ad environment and full-funnel measurement capabilities. CTV’s ability to merge the often separated performance and brand marketing worlds is redefining the digital ad space.

CPA 52

Marie Clayton of Carat: why Eurovision could be bigger than the Super Bowl for brands

More About Advertising

million people tuning in, 30 second ad space sold for $5.25m. Everybody thinks the biggest advertising event of the year is the Super Bowl. With 98.2 What could possibly top this? One word – Eurovision. Although historically regarded as a quirky continental curiosity, Eurovision has become one of the biggest opportunities for brands to connect. Advertisers Agencies Analysis Finance Media News carat eurovision featured super bowl

What Is an Ad Network? Past, Present, and Future


When publishers started moving their media assets online, they initially adopted print media practices for monetizing their ad space. They struck direct deals with advertisers for blocks of ads. The post What Is an Ad Network?

How To Get Rich In Advertising


Or you can sell ad space for the networks. There are three ways to get rich while working in advertising. You can start an awards show and build an empire based on vanity. You can start, acquire, or run a holding company. Did you know that last year, the broadcast and cable networks together secured […]. The post How To Get Rich In Advertising appeared first on Adpulp. Advertising Economic Indicators Media Literacy Media Trends TV

Education and Measurement are Key for Growing Reddit’s Ad Business


These kinds of partnerships are very important for helping clients to fit where newer players in the ad space like Reddit fit into their media plan says Jen Wong, COO at Reddit.

Google integrated with DT FairBid to expand real-time bidding demand for apps

Digital Turbine

A new bidding integration on DT FairBid supports access to Google Ads and Display & Video 360 demand, bidding in real-time for impressions with DT FairBid.

Why Q4 is Primetime for B2B Brands on CTV


Connected TV allows these businesses to generate a strong, auto-optimized ad performance, even during the most crowded ad season of the year. Not to mention, during such a high-demand season, many expect higher CPMs as they compete with their B2C counterparts for ad space.

Why Q4 is Primetime for B2B Brands on CTV


Connected TV allows these businesses to generate a strong, auto-optimized ad performance, even during the most crowded ad season of the year. Not to mention, during such a high-demand season, many expect higher CPMs as they compete with their B2C counterparts for ad space.

Smartsheet ignites new Formula 1 sponsorship strategy to aid STEM diversity effort


In addition to sharing its ad space in the race, Smartsheet is also lending the non-profit software and consulting services for its awareness initiatives.

Scout: Netflix’s New Partner, Record Midterm Ad Spending, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content


Here’s what to read from the week of 7/8/22 – 7/14/22 to stay ahead of the curve: Netflix Chooses Microsoft as Partner for Lower-Priced Service With Ads [:03]. Senate, House and Gubernatorial Midterm Ad Campaign Spending Hits $2.1 Welcome to Scout!

‘If we can pave the way’: How OKCupid is using its app and its ads to fight for abortion rights


Days after the ruling, the Match Group-owned company began donating all of its ad space shown to users in Kansas — where a referendum in early August could change the state’s abortion laws — swapping it out for Planned Parenthood messaging. The U.S.

Why programmatic media buying faces a stormy future

More About Advertising

Media agencies have taken a fair old pummelling recently – although currently they’re on the front foot hammering Google/YouTube and Facebook – but a new threat is emerging from a NASDAQ offshoot, the New York Interactive Ad Exchange (NYIAX). In essence this buys and sells ad space through a combination of NASDAQ trading architecture and. Ad Tech Advertisers Agencies Finance Media News featured media agencies nasdaq programmatic buying

Marriott launches its own media retail network


Ad buyers will be able to use anonymized data to target customers using the company’s app, websites and, eventually, guestroom TVs. Advertisers will shop for ad inventory using Yahoo’s portal and sales team. Read next: Best Buy announces in-house ad network Best Buy Ads.

IAB Europe agrees to change Transparency and Consent Framework for EU ad industry


In addition to the fine, the ADP ordered IAB Europe to change the current setup where consent is obtained by users in order to facilitate real-time bidding (RTB) on ad space for advertisers. Privacy and transparency are critical values for the ad industry and for digital citizens.


ApolloFi: The First Multi-chain SocialFi Platform That Advocates Social to Earn

Martech Series

The commercialization properties of the content you produced, the work you shared, how it disseminates, its value-added space, etc. ApolloFi is a SocialFi project that advocates Social to Earn. It is the economic platform for creators based on Polygon, Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Roku’s OneView launches Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings for streaming advertisers


announced the launch of Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) within the streaming platform’s OneView ad buying solution. OneView enables buying and measurement of ad space on The Roku Channel and in Roku ad experiences. Today, Roku, Inc.

Antitrust bill could force Google, Facebook and Amazon to shutter parts of their ad businesses


A new Senate antitrust bill could make Google, Facebook and Amazon divest portions of their ad businesses. The Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act ( S4285 ) would prevent large ad companies from participating on different sides of the ad transaction chain.

Gannett ad mishap highlights concerns about programmatic advertising


The revelation that Gannett sent billions of ads to the wrong places is raising fresh concerns about reliability in programmatic advertising. Ad space is sold on those sites through real time digital auctions.

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2022]

Monetize More

As a publisher, you need to know which ad partners are right for your vertical, as each niche website performs differently than others. In this blog post, we’re going to help identify the best game advertising networks for 2022 so that you can maximize your ad revenues! Unity Ads.

Adsta Selects InMobi Commerce to Bring Power of Video to Its Grocery Retail Media Network

Martech Series

InMobi Commerce offers an innovative suite of product discovery and monetization solutions for retailers and eCommerce companies around the world and the partnership will bring an innovative ad experience to Adsta’s network of 3,300+ grocery stores.

How Contextual Targeting Made a Comeback in 2022


For digital marketers, finding the natural connection between a specific audience’s online activity and their potential interests in branded content has long been the goal of nearly every digital ad campaign. Contextual targeting pairs organic web content with relevant digital ads.

Why Wonder Media Network won’t sell its podcast ad inventory programmatically


There are certain instances where programmatic advertising in audio makes sense, according to Shira Atkins, CRO and co-founder of podcast company Wonder Media Network, such as targeting people who are in one specific region versus running national ads.

How AI is Improving the Digital Ad Experience for Consumers

Digital Remedy

Targeting technology in the digital ad space has evolved dramatically to provide more relevancy and better personalization, but it’s not without flaws. By using AI to analyze and optimize, marketers can eliminate repetitive, annoying, or misplaced ads.