Video Ad Servers vs. Display Ad Servers


Video ad servers and display ad servers are often one and the same. However, the capabilities of dedicated video ad servers can be stronger. Video Advertising Ad ServerKey Points.

Ad Server vs. Ad Network


Despite what you may hear people say across the ad space, ad servers and ad networks are not the same thing. Some ad networks come with hosted ad server capabilities, however. Ad Network Ad ServerKey Points.


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First-Party Ad Server vs. Third-Party Ad Server


First-party ad servers are for publishers. Third-party ad servers are for advertisers and ad agencies. Both serve distinct and important functions in the ad tech ecosystem. Ad Serving Ad ServerKey Points.

Video Ad Servers vs Display Ad Servers: Use Both or One?

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Video and display ads are the two most popular advertising formats right now that are making publishers big bucks. Video ads are booming right now. Some estimates claim that it will overtake all other digital ad formats in just a few years. Justifying Dedicated Video Ad Servers.

What Is an Open-Source Ad Server?


Open-source ad servers allow for near-infinite customization. These self-hosted servers aren't right for everyone, but in some cases, they're the only type of ad server that fits the bill. Ad Serving Ad ServerKey Points.

The 7 Most Popular Ad Servers for Video Ads


To run video ads on your website or app, you're going to need a video ad server. Many ad servers can accommodate video advertising. Google Ad Manager , Kevel , Smart , E-Planning , Epom Ad Server , SpringServe , and Publica are some of the most popular ad servers.

10 Best Ad Servers for Publishers [in 2022]


But first, you must choose an ad server; in the beginning, the majority of tiny publishers got by with either integrating AdSense or signing up for an ad network. But in order to really advance your ad income [.].

What is an Ad Server?

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Ad server is a web server that stores the online ads and deliver it on the various ad slots on the linked websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps. History of an Ad Server.

ANTHYM Technologies Partners With Publica’s Ad Server to Create Advanced CTV Advertising Experience

Martech Series

Publica, a leading Connected TV (CTV) ad server owned by Integral Ad Science,announced a partnership with ANTHYM Technologies , a coalition of free, ad-supported streaming TV platforms.

What is Third Party Ad Server?

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The third party ad server is a web server that hosts the ads and help the publisher to deliver the ads directly on the websites and mobiles. The Third party ad server’s core customers are the publishers, media agencies and advertisers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Ad Server

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Ad server is the server that is being used to manage the ads that is displayed on the various web pages or the multiple websites. Most of the websites and blogs shows the ads on their web pages to manage the operating cost and maximize the revenue.

How Does an Ad Server Works?

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Online advertising has evolved as and when the technology improved and publishers are enable to serve the interactive ads on their websites using the ad servers and other technologies. However, many people are not aware outside of Ad Ops on how does ad server works.

30. Dave Zinman – on the first ad server, BlueLithium and beyond

Paleo AdTech

Dave co-founded a company while at Stanford Business School that built the first demand-side ad server, and he later went on to develop products at pioneering powerhouses such as BlueLithium, Yahoo, InfoLinks and Drawbridge.

VIDAA Selects Unruly’s SSP and Ad Server for CTV and Native Display


VIDAA will also integrate Unruly’s ad server, which is available through its October 2021 acquisition of Spearad , to enable greater efficiency and control over their CTV ad delivery with granular ad pod controls and targeting.



Below you will find an up to date list of the leading ad servers, ad exchanges, SSPs, and rich media vendors in 2015. Ad Servers. Ad Exchanges. Google’s Ad-Exchange. Google Ad Exchange. Ad Server

How to Choose the Right Ad Serving Platform


There are countless ad serving platforms, but they aren't all the same. Your choice of digital ad serving platform can have a deep impact on your advertising revenue over the long term. Ad Serving Ad ServerKey Points.

Publishers Can Bypass Recession With diDNA’s Amplified Video Solution: Q&A With Deke Hooper, CEO diDNA

Ad Monsters

diDNA combines its industry expertise, high-quality demand, and technical expertise in a platform that enables publishers and ad tech vendors to scale their video monetization programs. YY: Publishers can connect to 70+ tier-1 ad exchanges.

Passendo Partners with Leading Media Company audienzz

Exchange Wire

Award-winning email ad server and SSP, Passendo, has partnered with audienzz, a leading media company based in Zürich, Switzerland, to launch a newsletter advertising network with the widest reach in Switzerland - with this partnership making in-email advertising more efficient [.].

Passendo Signs New Strategic Partnerships as it Continues Growth Trajectory in Europe

Exchange Wire

Award-winning, Copenhagen-based email ad server and SSP Passendo has gone live with new integrations in Italy and Germany as it continues on its journey of rapid growth - building out a growing number of strategic integrations and further positioning itself [.].

Beachfront Announces Marni Rommel To Join As Vice President Of Business Development

Martech Series

Strategic addition will help to accelerate adoption of Beachfront’s sell-side ad serving and decisioning technology with media companies. CTV Linear TV Marketing marketing news Marketing Technology martech Martech News Martech stack News sell-side ad server VOD

What Is Demand Path Optimization (DPO)?


From ad fraud to a lack of transparency into the media-supply chain, both advertisers and publishers have been dealing with these challenges for many years. Demand-path optimization (DPO) is the process of evaluating and improving the way advertisers buy ad space from publishers.

Passendo Appoints Harry Charalambous As Head Of Demand & International Growth

Martech Series

Award-winning email ad server and SSP Passendo has appointed Harry Charalambous as Head of Demand & International Growth to help shape its go-to-market strategy globally. The latest appointment follows a spate of new hires at the Copenhagen-based in-email advertising disruptor.

Clinch Partners with IAS to Launch Industry-Leading Automated Tag Wrapping Solution

Exchange Wire

Clinch, a leader in dynamic ad serving personalisation and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Management Platform, today (July 30th, 2022) announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science, a global leader in digital media quality, to leverage its industry-leading [.].

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Case Study: How we created Adblock Bypass and raised StarLightMedia’s programmatic ad sales by 50%


IT-company Adtelligent created a digital ad monetization platform that works with more than 15,000 1 websites worldwide. Together they have come up with and integrated more than 10 ad tech solutions that help StarLightMedia collaborate with premium advertising partners.

Disney strikes a big adtech deal with The Trade Desk as Disney+ expands into ads

TechCrunch Ads

Disney struck an advertising agreement with The Trade Desk, making it possible for brands to target automated ads across Disney’s linear and streaming properties — Hulu, ESPN+, ABC, Freeform, ESPN, National Geographic and FX. Netflix is also in talks with ad tech businesses.

Power Shifting From Big Tech to the Open Web: New Research from Smart & ExchangeWire

Exchange Wire

Smart, the leading independent ad tech platform, and ExchangeWire, today release findings from a new pan-European research study, revealing that a fundamental power shift is underway, away from big tech towards independent publishers and their ad tech partners. Ad Server DACH EMEA France Research Spain UK

What Is an Ad Network? Past, Present, and Future


When publishers started moving their media assets online, they initially adopted print media practices for monetizing their ad space. They struck direct deals with advertisers for blocks of ads. The post What Is an Ad Network?

Ad Serving 101: Where Advertisers Meet Publishers


Ad serving is a combination of technology and services that place ads on the website, mobile app, CTV or any other digital platform. It includes the range of functions from delivering ads and targeting users to ad performance reporting and optimizing campaigns based on the results.

Programmatic Advertising Explained: Terms, Elements, Buying Methods, Programmatic Monetization


According to the joined report by IAB and PwC, programmatic ad revenues currently account for 80% of all digital display advertising revenues. Adtech Insights Explained ad exchange ad network ad server dmp dsp programmatic SSP

DOOH Advertising Reinforced by Programmatic: What’s the Power?  


Adtech Insights Explained ad network ad server DOOH programmatic SSP trendsIncreasing volumes and popularity of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is a steady trend of the recent years, especially in the US and Europe.

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AT&T Completes Sale of Xandr to Microsoft


Microsoft and AT&T finalized the sale for AT&T's ad-tech business Xandr, building up Microsoft's connected TV advertising business. Xandr operates a full ad-tech stack, including both demand- and sell-side platforms, plus its ad server, as well as other features.

Ad Serving with Google Ad Manager


Google Ad Manager (GAM) provides a high-quality ad server as part of its offerings to publishers. Early-stage publishers could feasibly use GAM's ad server exclusively. Ad Serving GoogleKey Points.

Ad Tech Tools: DIY vs. Managed Service Series: Amazon TAM


To set up Amazon TAM, you're going to need highly developed knowledge of ad server logic. Ad Tech AmazonKey Points. While Amazon's demand is only rivaled by Google and maybe a couple of others, you won't maximize your CPMs unless you actively manage it.

Passendo appoints Harry Charalambous as Head of Demand & International Growth

Exchange Wire

Award-winning email ad server and SSP Passendo has appointed Harry Charalambous as head of demand & international growth to help shape its go-to-market strategy globally. Charalambous is also tasked with creating an ad ecosystem for Passendo's publisher clients; leading the [.].

Advertising Terms: Everything You Need to Know


monthly users, and in advertising, video ad spend increasing an additional 26% to $49.2B Video ads are growing in popularity and in ad spend, and they won’t stop soon. In this article, we’ll give you tips for why and how to launch a video ad server quickly. Ad APIs.

Video Ads: Why They're Taking Over Advertising


monthly users, and in advertising, video ad spend increasing an additional 26% to $49.2B Video ads are growing in popularity and in ad spend, and they won’t stop soon. In this article, we’ll give you tips for why and how to launch a video ad server quickly. Ad APIs.

Newsletter Advertising:  How to Succeed and Common Hurdles to Clear

Ad Monsters

WITH THE SUPPORT OF OAO OAO is a full service, ad operations agency that can provide managed services and professional services. Your ad ops team is busy pretty much all the time, so you should always avoid adding unnecessary work to their plate. Flexible Ad Platforms.

Microsoft to buy AT&T’s Xandr to boost ad tech offer

More About Advertising

Microsoft is buying AT&T’s ad-tech business, Xandr, subject to regulators, to boost its connected TV offer. Xandr, named after AT&T founder Alexander Graham Bell, includes both demand and sell-side platforms and an ad server.

Mobile Ad Serving: The What & How of Rich Media Ad Serving for Mobile


The need for a proper mobile ad server is vital. Especially when you look for better control over your ad operations. It is a best practice to use your ad server, especially if you run a consistent volume of ad campaigns. What is a Mobile Ad Serving?

Google Hit With Fresh UK Probe Over Anticompetitive Behaviour in Ad Tech


The UK’s antitrust regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority, has today launched an investigation into whether Google has abused its dominant position in ad tech. ” All eyes on ad tech. Ad Tech Europe News

Smart Adserver Rebrands to Equativ


Smart Adserver, a publisher-focused ad server and supply-side platform (SSP), has today announced it is rebranding to Equativ. The move comes as Smart Adserver fully combines with LiquidM and DynAdmic, two ad tech companies it acquired in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

What the Heck is a Unified Auction? 


As you may recall, earlier this year we fully integrated our Spearad ad server and unified auction solution into the Unruly ad platform. This sends ad calls to multiple demand partners simultaneously. Peter Ackerman, Director of Product Marketing Breaks It Down for Us.

Levy’s tech start-up challenges Amazon for Sizmek

More About Advertising

Sizmek is a DSP with an ad server and optimizer. Ad Tech Advertisers Agencies Finance Media News Levy SizmekMaurice Levy’s French tech start-up Ycor is tweaking the mighty Amazon by the tail, saying it will outbid it for Sizmek, in Chapter 11 since the end of March. Asking price is about $30m. Alain Levy (left), who runs Ycor, told the Drum: “There was.