Fox’s Super Bowl 57 Ad Inventory 95% Sold Out, With Spots Selling For More Than $7 Million


Two months after Fox wrapped its upfront negotiations, the company revealed that its Super Bowl 57 ad inventory is nearly gone, with 95% of its in-game inventory already sold five months before the event. Fox's ad sales team sold the majority.

NBCUniversal’s World Cup Ad Inventory Nearly Sold Out 100 Days Before Kickoff


Despite being just under 100 days until the 2022 FIFA World Cup, NBCUniversal has already sold approximately 90% of its advertising inventory for the tournament.


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What SSPs and Ad Networks Want from Publishers’ Ad Inventory


In a previous post, we talked to publishers about keeping both eyes peeled while shortlisting technology partners to sell inventory with. No demand source relies entirely on a metric-based benchmark to evaluate publisher’s ad inventory for sale on its platform.

Why Wonder Media Network won’t sell its podcast ad inventory programmatically


For Wonder Media Network, however, programmatic advertising isn’t part of its inventory. ” Her team does not sell any of its ad space programmatically. And I don’t think it’s efficient to just scale shitty ads.

Admixer Is Now Offering Opera Ad Inventory


Admixer.SSP has recently partnered with Opera, and now offers its diverse ad inventory for programmatic buying. From now on, brands and agencies that use Admixer.DSP can programmatically buy Opera audiences through native ads.

How Publishers Can Meet The Buy-Side’s Demands For ‘Cruelty-Free’ Ad Environments


Now, advertisers are getting more concerned about funding harmful activity through ad fraud and high-velocity disinformation within social and programmatic ecosystems, writes Sarah Bolton, EVP of business intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions.

Sourcepoint and MediaMath Announce First-of-its-kind Partnership to Provide ‘Privacy-Safe’ Inventory Segments

Ad Tech Daily

The post Sourcepoint and MediaMath Announce First-of-its-kind Partnership to Provide ‘Privacy-Safe’ Inventory Segments appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.

StreamGuys’ Programmatic Ad Services Help Radio Broadcasters Maximize Monetization

Ad Tech Daily

Managed service assists mid-market and small broadcasters in filling unsold ad inventory, increasing revenue, and generating profit from their live streams and podcasts.

Top SSP Platforms To Watch For in 2022

Smarty Ads

Modern publishers search for the best SSP platforms to sell the ad inventory with minimum effort and the highest yield. However, it is not that easy to find out beforehand if top SSPs provide desired functionality and what exactly makes each one the best choice.

What Publishers Need to Know About Google’s Optimized Pricing


Google made an official announcement that, on June 5, 2022, it will add the Optimized Pricing feature to its current ad inventory pricing model, Unified. “The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community.

What is a Sell-Side Platform (SSP)? How Does It Work?

Ad Ops Hero

Sell-side platform (SSP) is technology which connects the publishers to relevant advertisers through ad exchanges. Earlier days, publishers used to sell the ad inventory to the advertisers through direct sales by find the finding the relevant advertisers who were willing to display their ads.

How Much Should I Charge for Advertising on My Website: Deconstructing Website Ad Rates

Smarty Ads

Maintaining your website or blog is not an easy task, especially when we talk about how to monetize website traffic and defining how to charge advertisers for your ad inventory.

Best Practices to Lift Your Ad Viewability and Boost Revenue


Ad Viewability is a key factor affecting the price that advertisers are willing to pay for your ad inventory, making viewability one of the few levers that publishers have to influence bid rates.

What is ad mediation?

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Ad mediation has been around since 2010, but publishers are now discovering the potential of these platforms since some can perform up to 20% better than a single ad network. This way, they ensure publishers find the best available ads to fill their ad slots.

CPM 56

Google AdMob or Google Ad Manager/ AdX? Which monetization platform should you leverage?

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Google AdMob is a mobile ad network, while Google AdX is an ad exchange that supports both Web and mobile app & game inventories. Google Ad Exchange (AdX). Is Google Ad Manager and AdX the same? How to Sign-up for Google Ad Exchange?

New Addition to Admixer.DSP: Dailymotion Video Inventory


Admixer.DSP is now offering premium video ad inventory on Dailymotion. The post New Addition to Admixer.DSP: Dailymotion Video Inventory appeared first on Admixer.Blog. Admixer News News & Updates ad formats advertisers dsp video ad publisher video ads

Header Bidding: What Is It and How Does It Work?


Thus, publishers have to juggle various platforms and monetization sources to get the most out of their ad inventory. Adtech Insights Explained ad network header bidding publishersAdtech aims at streamlining the deals between the advertisers and publishers.

Direct Deals 101: The Ultimate Guide to Private Marketplaces [2022]

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In an effort to squeeze every penny out of their ad inventory, many publishers are turning to direct ad sales. Private marketplaces (PMPs) have become a popular way for publishers to sell remnant and premium inventory directly to advertisers and agencies. More Ad Revenue.

Demand vs Supply-Side Marketing Platforms(DSPs vs SSPs): What’s the Difference?

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Advertising technology like demand-side and supply-side platforms make programmatic advertising possible and simplify the process of buying and selling display, video, and mobile ads. Facebook Ads Manager. Google Ad Manager. Streamlining the process of selling and delivering ads.

Up your inventory’s worth with Optimized Pricing

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Google Ad Manager now offers Optimized Pricing by default which is meant to help publishers protect and increase the long-term value of a publisher’s ad inventory. You’ll never have to worry about advertisers buying your inventory for less than what it’s worth.

In-App Header Bidding: How to make more money with it? [7 Benefits Included]

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Imagine global app revenue crossing the trillion-dollar mark once the majority of app publishers harness more programmatic advertising techniques to scale their ad revenue? To maximize revenue for the publisher, ongoing auctions create competition among bidders for all in-app ad impressions.

What is Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

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Online advertising is not about placing ads on the websites to reach the targeted audience. The platforms will help advertisers to find out the desired inventory for their creatives to reach the desired audience to promote their business.

Server Side Header Bidding & taking the hybrid approach?

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This revolutionary technology, which traditionally takes place on the client side/browser, paved the way for publishers to maximize their revenue and generate the most income possible from their programmatic ad inventory.

What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)? How Does RTB Work?

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Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology to trade the ad inventory on an impression basis through programmatic auctions. RTB technology helps the advertisers to bid on an impression and ad will be served on the publisher’s website if the bid is won.

Publishers feel the crunch of cookieless browsers like Apple’s Safari


Already half of my inventory is needing this fix,” said Salon chief revenue officer Justin Wohl on stage. He then added, in something of a call to action to the publishers in attendance: “We have a lot to make up for in that space.

Good morning: Large audiences are still valuable


I was struck by reports that NBC had sold most of its Super Bowl ad inventory by mid-summer and at a higher price than last year even though the audience was at a 15 year low.

Why succeeding in gaming is critical for Netflix’s long-term plans


A look into the company’s gaming ambitions provides some insight into its plans to remain viable in the long term — and how an ads business might be scaled using both gaming and Netflix’s original intellectual properties.

Content Object Signals are the Future of CTV/OTT Advertising—Here’s Why


advertisers are familiar with content object signals and use them to purchase CTV/OTT video ad inventory. Here are three additional advantages to using content object signals: Combined Video Ad Buys. More Inventory.

Teads breaks into CTV, aiming to reach 2 billion users


Programmatic platform Teads on Wednesday enhanced its media offering by adding connected TV ad inventory, allowing brands potential access to some 2 billion unique users. In its beta, Teads said creative from its video format led to an average of 40% better ad recall.

Why Media Companies Are Changing Their Media Ad Sales Process


While media businesses seek a solution to the issue of third-party cookies, they are analyzing their current processes and developing strategies to improve their media ad sales process and make their ad operations teams more efficient. Ad inventory.

Disney strikes a big adtech deal with The Trade Desk as Disney+ expands into ads

TechCrunch Ads

Disney struck an advertising agreement with The Trade Desk, making it possible for brands to target automated ads across Disney’s linear and streaming properties — Hulu, ESPN+, ABC, Freeform, ESPN, National Geographic and FX. Netflix is also in talks with ad tech businesses.

Marriott launches its own media retail network


Ad buyers will be able to use anonymized data to target customers using the company’s app, websites and, eventually, guestroom TVs. Advertisers will shop for ad inventory using Yahoo’s portal and sales team. Read next: Best Buy announces in-house ad network Best Buy Ads.

InMobi releases independent ad mediation platform


Mobile ad mediation helps to set-up, manage, and monitor different ad networks in one place. The past year has seen a number of consolidations that have put mobile ad mediation offerings and creation studios with their own ad inventory under the same roof.

Roku introduces Advertising Watermark


Roku announced the Roku Advertising Watermark, a new authentication technology for its ad ecosystem. Free to use by publishers and advertisers, it confirms that ads are being viewed through a TV streaming device instead of on a desktop or mobile device.

Programmatic advertising vs Direct Buying: Who’s the boss?

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With Programmatic Advertising being the hype right now, publishers may find it enticing to go fully automated when it comes to ad auctions, sales, and boosting programmatic revenue. Programmatic advertising automates the whole ad buying process which saves a lot of time.

10 Best OTT Advertising Platforms for Your Ad-Supported OTT Service

Through these platforms, you can easily sell your ad inventory and insert ads into your OTT website or app to generate revenue. You can also track the performance of these ads and optimize them to get the highest CPMs. Yahoo Ad Tech (Formerly Verizon Media) 5.

Passendo Appoints Harry Charalambous As Head Of Demand & International Growth

Martech Series

Award-winning email ad server and SSP Passendo has appointed Harry Charalambous as Head of Demand & International Growth to help shape its go-to-market strategy globally. The latest appointment follows a spate of new hires at the Copenhagen-based in-email advertising disruptor.

LG Ads Solutions Adds Key Executives As Connected TV Media Investments Surge

Martech Series

LG Ads Solutions, the connected TV and cross-screen advertising service, announced three new executive appointments. Media investment company GroupM reported that global CTV ad spend is expected to increase 36% from $21.1

IAB Tech Lab announces ads.txt updates


IAB hopes the update will remove some confusion around the entities ads are bought from and where the ads show up after they’re purchased. Ads.txt is a protocol that authorizes sellers of digital ad inventory. It also helps reduce ad fraud by verifying sellers.

What is Connected TV Advertising?


Though linear TV still takes up the majority of ad spend in the US, CTV is making significant gains: from 2017 to 2021, US CTV advertising grew from $4.7B And CTV ads? Depending on their method of purchasing CTV ads, marketers can target audiences based on a variety of factors.

How one startup hopes to decentralize ad exchanges to benefit publishers and agencies


That’s what two-year-old London startup Alkimi Exchange is proposing: a decentralized version of the current ad exchange system. The marketplace Putley is referring to is ad exchanges that serve as an auction place for media trading without intermediaries.

What’s the difference between RPM and session RPMs (RPS)?

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As publishers look for ways to understand how their ad inventory is performing, RPM and RPS are two very valuable metrics. They are also referred to as session RPMs by many ad networks. Publishers can look into many metrics to dig deeper into ad performance and revenue spikes.

Programmatic Advertising 101: What is a DSP?


Understanding Programmatic Ad Buying. A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is an automated ad buying platform, where advertisers and agencies go to purchase digital ad inventory. DSPs are integrated into multiple ad exchanges. You keep mentioning ad exchanges.