Struggling to measure your social advertising ROI? Shut everything off

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Ready to prove social’s ROI? Here’s how you can measure your value and fine-tune your strategy

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Wendy's streamlines national-to-local social advertising with Tiger Pistol

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The QSR chain has teamed with the largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads to transform its local ad strategy


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2019 Digital & Social Advertising Predictions


In this article, we analyze what we believe are the three phenomena that any professional who works in digital advertising, will have to take into account to improve their strategy for the coming year. Adglow social advertising Social trends future digital advertising

New Year's Resolutions for Social Advertisers


advertising new year social advertisingAre you struggling to stick to your diet? Already regretting signing up for that 12 month membership at the gym? Most new year's resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to. Who wants to lose weight anyway?

5 Key Takeaways From Our Social Advertising Trends Report


A few months ago we asked 200+ marketing professionals to fill out a survey telling us a little bit about what they think of social as an advertising channel. In the report we answer questions like: Which social networks advertisers prefer for different marketing objectives.

Ad Agencies: An Inforgraphic On the History of Social Advertising

Fuel Lines

In less than a decade, social media has emerged as a great marketing channel providing opportunities for both agencies and their clients. My business was made through social media. It’s hard to believe that social media didn’t really exist just a decade ago. Social Advertising is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017.

Adglow at 10 - The Next 10 Years


When Adglow was founded in 2008, we didn't have plans to become a social advertising specialist. social media Adglow social advertising Social trends Adglow10 future

Adglow Creative Showcase | Big Bus Tours


Our new creative showcase feature celebrates interesting, effective, engaging and eye-catching work that we encounter from the wide world of social advertising. canvas FacebookAds Instagram facebook ads Facebook social advertising advertising creativeshowcase

The Superbowl and Social Media Syncing


mobile advertising social advertising Social trends superbowl syncAlongside chilli-dogs, red cups of Bud Lite, endless nachos and takeaway pizzas, there is a new essential item for every Superbowl viewer's coffee table - the mobile phone.

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4 of the Most Impactful Social Campaigns of 2018


The digital advertising industry is in a constant evolution: new ad formats, audiences, placements, KPIs and more. With that in mind, we hope these examples will inspire your planning for your 2019 digital and social advertising strategy.

Best Paid Social Media Agency: Top 5 Choices in 2022

Single Grain

Running paid advertising campaigns on social media has become a staple in any digital marketing strategy. But in an ever-changing environment where bids rise and new ad types become available, advertisers struggle to stay up to date with the latest changes. Social media ads.

Media 52

Summer Vacations and Social Media


Summer is here, and the chances are you've noticed a distinct increase in the number of hotdog-legs, unicorn inflatables, sunsets and cocktails appearing in your social feeds. travel social advertising Social trends

Media 52

Social Media is now Pay to Play for Ad Agency New Business

Fuel Lines

Paid social advertising can accelerate the process of attracting qualified traffic and leads. During the past decade, technology and the rise of social media changed how people communicated. They became resistant to traditional marketing and advertising approaches. This led to a paradigm shift in the way professional service firms, such as advertising, digital, media and PR agencies, sold their services. I launched my blog in the early days of social media.

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How to increase purchases by 270% with SHINE by Adglow


Adglow social advertising digital advertising conversions online salesNight In Boxes is a US-based subscription company that delivers complete date nights to your door each month.

New Video Success Story: McDonald's


Facebook social advertising McDonald'sAs part of our video success stories series, here we uncover how Adglow and McDonald's Brazil deployed weather-sync to customise Facebook ads depending on the local weather conditions.

BIMBO - Sync social ads with T????V? ?& Sport during the World Cup 2018


The Russia World Cup 2018 was a huge opportunity for brands to grow social media engagement and increase brand awareness. BIMBO , the global leader in the baking industry wanted to take advantage of this massive event and work with Adglow to leverage innovative social advertising technology to increase their brand reach and engagement. Facebook social advertising rusia 2018 world cup Football

Advertising on TikTok: The Lowdown


TikTok has done a lot to merit attention from advertisers. social media advertising video social advertising advertising TikTok104m App Store downloads in H1 2018 made it the most downloaded iOS app for the period.

Adglow at 10 - An Open Letter From The CEO


Adglow social advertising Adglow10Dear friends, family, partners, clients and colleagues. No one founds a company unless they are incorrigible optimists who think that nothing can go wrong and that they are going to conquer the world.

Welcome to The Digital Media Lab


With our Lab we're hoping to not only demystify paid social media, but also to inspire you to experiment, test ideas and make the most of every opportunity these platforms provide. social advertising digital advertising ad formats

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Why David’s Bridal Spends Half Its Social Budget On TikTok


David’s Bridal has been selling dresses since the 1950s, but it didn't say "yes" to a social advertising strategy until 2019. Now, the retailer allocates one third of its spend to social media – and half that budget goes to TikTok alone.

How Millennials Make Purchase Decisions {Infographic}


A digital-first generation, Millennials rely on social media to share content with their peers, promote the things they love and get closer to their favourite brands. millenials social advertising Social trends Purchase Decisions Buyer behaviour

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Antidote wins £13m Gala Bingo brands

More About Advertising

The campaign will include TV, digital and social. Advertisers Agencies Creative Finance News Antidote featured gala bingoAntidote has won the £13M GVC-owned Gala Bingo and Gala Spins accounts.

Share CCO Stephen Para picks his Desert Island Ads

More About Advertising

Stephen Para is the chief creative officer of Share Creative, a social advertising agency based in NYC and London. Advertisers Agencies Analysis Creative desert island ads featuredDesert Island Ads What I’m about to show you is a list of ads I love, but would NOT bring to (what I imagine is) a remote, jungle island with cocktail service and nothing else.

BMB wins Beefeater’s ‘Spirit of London’ global task

More About Advertising

Media will include digital, social, Advertisers Agencies Creative News beefeater bmb featuredBMB has won the global creative account for Pernod Ricard’s Beefeater London dry gin. BMB will focus on Beefeater’s Spirit of London platform. The account also includes variants Beefeater 24 and Beefeater Pink. BMB’s first campaign will launch in Europe, South Africa and Latin America and then roll out worldwide.

Manage CTV Like a Social Marketing Wiz


Social marketers are talented in the art of optimization. Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, is our own social and CTV wiz, with years of experience making the best tweaks to maximize impact. The post Manage CTV Like a Social Marketing Wiz appeared first on MNTN.

Dove goes animated in Cartoon Network self-esteem tie-up

More About Advertising

The enemy seems to be not so good old social. Advertisers Agencies Creative News dove featured ogilvyOgilvy’s work for Unilever’s Dove over the years has given the brand a kind of good works halo but leaves the question: where does it go from here? A tie-up with Cartoon Network in a new series Steven Universe, exploring good old self-esteem for girls.

Obi Worldphone appoints Threepipe for UK launch

More About Advertising

Threepipe will manage influencer marketing, media relations, community management and social advertising for Obi Worldphone which is launching exclusively. Advertisers Agencies Creative News featured mobile obi worldphoneObi Worldphone, a new global smartphone company, has appointed Threepipe to manage its UK launch activity as it aims to bridge the gap between premium designer smartphones at high prices and generic smartphones at low prices.

Digital Advertising Guide


What is Digital Advertising. Digital advertising is any advertising that happens in a digital space. You can see the online advertising ecosystem described in the picture below. Types of digital advertising channels. Search advertising. Display advertising.

Simon Hakim: does Facebook really work for brands?

More About Advertising

All those likes, all those shares, all those people interacting with your brand and engaging in a two-way conversation – it’s the social media marketing utopian ideal. For plenty of agencies, too, Facebook, Twitter and other digital and social media are the silver bullets for what ails them. Social. Advertisers Agencies Analysis Creative Media facebook hunter Simon Hakim social mediaHow great is Facebook for brands?

Apple unveils debut campaign for new Apple Music

More About Advertising

Apple Music is a music streaming app (Spotify beware) that also offers a 24/7 music radio service and a social. Advertisers Agencies Creative News apple apple music featuredIs Apple Music the ‘new big thing’ we’ve all been waiting for from the tech giant? Apple TV still seems to be on the stocks (in a meaningful sense anyway) and do we need it?

Theorem adds creative optimization to its LinkedIn offering


A LinkedIn Marketing Partner, Theorem’s new Creative Optimization package includes an audit of digital channels to support new and effective creative ideas for social campaigns and posts. B2B Marketing Performance Social Media Marketing

Spotselfie Announces Disruptive Technology in Social Metaverse Advertising & Digital Real Estate Ownership

Martech Series

SAM Business Portal allows for direct purchase of augmented reality (AR) immersive advertising and metaverse land that is superimposed right onto the physical world where life happens.

Adglow at 10 - Staff Reflections


In that time, partnerships have been formed, thousands of social advertising campaigns have been delivered and countless client relationships around the world have flourished. It’s been a decade since Adglow first opened it’s doors. Appoints Ryan Jamboretz as President, Commercial & Partnerships

Martech Series

In readying for the future of digital advertising, Jamboretz will oversee commercial operation for the company. at the forefront of the industry as it continues to propel customers forward at the bleeding edge of the social media ecosystem. social media advertising

Walmart’s omnichannel roadmap for Walmart Connect


In this week’s earnings call , Walmart discussed its global ad business and later expanded on how Walmart Connect aims at connecting advertisers with its customers through omnichannel engagement. The resulting digital media presence is a tempting opportunity for advertisers. Social.

Mediaocean streamlines personalisation for brands with social creative tool

Flashtalking by Mediaocean

The social media tool is designed to help brands and agencies accelerate the scale of creative production through cross-platform social media management, and will improve overall social campaign performance.

SOCi Chosen by Rent-A-Center to Localize their Digital Marketing Presence in the Omnichannel Shopping Era

Martech Series

“Using SOCi gives them the opportunity to own their backyard from a social media and review management standpoint.” Leading omnichannel lease-to-own company uses SOCi to unlock localized and franchise digital marketing.

Digiday+ Research: Digital accessibility elicits a lot of support but very little action


And at the bottom of the list was social advertising and marketing content — only 17% of agency and brand pros said their content on social is more than somewhat accessible.

Why you should disrupt internal barriers to unlock the true power of social ads

Flashtalking by Mediaocean

Social media doesn't exist in a vacuum. Tapping into the needs of an ever-connected audience means recognising the true power of social ads – and if there's anything the pandemic has taught us, it is that consumers are increasingly turning to online spaces. Becomes First Campaign and Ads Partner to Launch TikTok Shopping Ads, Offering Brands Critical Planning Opportunities for Holiday Shopping

Martech Series

Social media advertising platform provides automated tools to help advertisers better strategize their approach to the 2022 holiday shopping season. Understanding how to reach its highly engaged community will be integral to any Q4 advertising strategies this year.

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Digital Advertising Strategies During a Recession


Digital Advertising Strategies During a Recession. Facebook and Google recently reported that they are seeing advertiser pullbacks. Less overall advertising demand creates more available ad inventory which leads to lower CPM and CPC rates for advertisers.

How to Win at B2B Social Media: 5 Steps for Success

Spoton Digital Media

Social media is an easy marketing effort for B2B brands to underestimate and overlook. While most brands know they need social media added to their marketing mix, they don’t always understand how useful it can be with the right strategy. Layout a social media engagement plan.

The Do’s and Don’ts of TikTok Marketing 


According to eMarketer , TikTok is the third-largest social network in the world. Once you’ve spent some time perusing the wild, wild world of TikTok content, it’s time to dig into the platform’s advertising options. On the hunt for more social advertising tips and tricks?