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Let’s Talk About Brand Joins the Adweek Podcast Network


Let's Talk About Brand is a weekly conversation where host and personal branding coach Christine Gritmon interviews guest experts about different elements of branding--with a focus on how people can incorporate these lessons into their own personal brands.

What is AI in Marketing: Growing Trends in Coming Years

Ad Rants

From traditional marketing to the current age of digital marketing, a lot has changed in the last two decades in terms of adopting customer-focused marketing strategies and bringing in technologies.


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A New competitor: AWS CodeWhisperer

The Ad Tech Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I requested access to AWS CodeWhisperer. Today I’ve got a Preview Access Code. After paying for Copilot’s annual license and using it for a time, I have some expectations about CodeWhisperer.

As The Open Web Becomes More Real, Will Google Be The First To Fall?


Arnaud CréputCEO“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Arnaud Créput, CEO of Equativ. Google’s latest legislative dodge has fallen flat.

Be Metallica, Not The Eagles …

Rob Campbell

I was recently in a client meeting where we had a discussion about ‘scale’ The person in question was suggesting – as many do – that the only way to achieve it was to make sure you offer something for everyone.

Walmart Makes Metaverse Debut With Roblox Experiences


Walmart is making its first foray into the metaverse with a pair of new experiences on gaming platform Roblox.


How to Design and Optimize CTA Buttons That Increase Conversion Rate

Ad Rants

In this era of cutthroat competition, you need to ensure every small detail gets executed perfectly. A lot of entrepreneurs forget that it's that small thing that can make a difference.

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Fintech Is Banking On Influencers For Brand Building


It makes sense that brands in sexy verticals like fashion and hair care turn to social media influencers. But banking brands hire influencers, too.

Now the good news – BMB tells it straight for Breast Cancer Now

More About Advertising

We do try to bring you some light as well as shade on MAA but it’s proving tricky this morning. So far we’ve had the war in Ukraine and a reminder to the world’s leaders that they’ve forgotten to do what they promised to do to improve the place.

Augmented Reality Drives Consumer Confidence During a Recession


Editor's note: This column is part of a series with Snap on augmented reality. Below, global director of insights and analytics Lauryl Schraedly describes how different types of AR activations have different capacities to reenvision your retail and ecommerce strategies.

How to Properly Execute a Lead Gen Strategy in Two Months

Ad Rants

What should be the first step in your lead generation process? How can you increase the number of leads coming into your system, and convert them into customers? While selling more to your current customers is one way to grow your business, you also must reach new clients at the same time.

As gaming attracts mixed-age audiences, advertising gets complicated

Marketing Dive

A mobile game based on "SpongeBob SquarePants" rankled a self-regulatory agency and illustrates how much gray area surrounds in-app advertising

IAB Tech Lab Will Release Its First Stab At Clean Room Standards By December


Data clean rooms are to 2022 what customer data platforms were to 2019: Everyone’s talking about them, but people don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about. One reason for the uncertainty is that there are no standards that define exactly what a clean room is or how it should operate.


The beef tax

Seth Godin

We’re all paying it, every day. In the US, taxpayers subsidize the cattle industry with billions of dollars of tax money each year. Most of that goes to pay for feed crops, but there is also a huge allocation of public land for the grazing of cows. About half the land in the entire country is just for cattle. In addition, a significant portion of the climate problem is directly caused by the effects of bovine respiration as well as the clear-cutting of forests for grazing worldwide.


Purpose-Led Brands Have an Opportunity to Diversify the Metaverse


This year, Roberto Max Salas transported 30,000 guests to Coachella. Salas, co-founder and CEO of creative agency Young Hero, knows the average person can't afford a ticket, so instead he brought the music and art festival experience to the metaverse.

Media 220

What is Automated Billing?


Agency and brand leaders, we’re about to give you a jump scare. One disclaimer: We’re not liable for the hives you may soon break out in, nor can we be expensed for any rush-scheduled therapy appointments. Here we go: Billing! (…Did we scare you?).

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s refresh brand identity with flavor as inspiration

Marketing Dive

The changes will debut in an ad campaign and come months after parent company CKE announced plans for a $500 million brand transformation

Striking The Balance Between Privacy And Performance


Sponsored post byErin MadorskyUS Chief Strategy OfficerMiQSPONSORED BY:Life is about balance. Day and night, predator and prey, birth and death. Many view these as opposites, but I consider them counterweights that keep our world in balance.

96% of marketers want IT held accountable for ROI

Marketing Tech News

81% of marketers believe that IT teams will become increasingly involved in marketing efforts over the next five years.

ROI 81

Jollibee’s Chicken Ads Look So Tasty, Other Billboards Can’t Resist


New York's Times Square is packed with eye-catching digital billboards from international brands marketing luxury products.

Social pressure

Seth Godin

It’s normal to feel it. It changes our careers, our dress and even the way we live our lives. The question is: is it caused by external or internal forces? More often than not, it’s simply something we invent. The people we imagine are busy watching and judging us might not even know we exist. Social pressure is something we make up to simplify our decisions


Tripadvisor pushes beyond banner ads with data-driven content studio

Marketing Dive

San Diego Tourism Authority is the first external client for the shop that leverages the platform’s first-party insights to reach high-intent travelers

The Trade Desk Adds Salesforce To Its Roster Of CDP Partners For UID2


Salesforce quietly introduced a new app in its App Exchange on Wednesday that was developed by The Trade Desk as a way to convert CDP identity data to Unified ID 2.0 UID2) IDs. These IDs can be used to buy programmatic ads. The evolution of ad tech and martech is toward more and more first-party.

YouTube Opts for 45 Percent Revenue Share on Shorts Ads


YouTube today announced new details around its gradual introduction of advertising on Shorts, announcing a revenue share model whereby creators will be given 45 percent of revenues generated by ads on Shorts.

Spotify Promotes the Power of Listening With First French Campaign


To highlight the importance of listening--be that to others, music or the world around you--audio streaming platform Spotify has released its first brand campaign in France. Featuring the tagline "?couter, couter, ?a

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Publishers feel the crunch of cookieless browsers like Apple’s Safari


Google may have yet to deprecate the third-party cookie in its Chrome browser, but publishers have been dealing with the online tracking mechanism’s absence in browsers like Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox for years.

Drizly offers another round of ad solutions for brands

Marketing Dive

With the launch of Drizly Ads, the alcohol delivery service looks to expand an ad business that counts Diageo and Molson Coors among its clients

The W3C Becomes A Real Thing At Last; Netflix Shakes Up Its Stand-Up


Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. All A-Board The W3C created a board of directors and filed to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Hooray! You seem unenthused. It may sound dull, but this is important news.

TF1 says Alliances, New KPIs, and Unified Sales will Drive Growth in 2023


French broadcaster TF1 has set out its advertising roadmap for 2023, saying that it will pursue a ‘full video’ strategy as it looks to drive growth.

CPM 65

The Initial Results Are In for Google’s Fledge Tests


The first results from Google's solution to prevent third-party browser tracking have arrived. Currently, three companies on the buy side--Google, Criteo and RTB House--are testing Fledge, an acronym for "first locally executed decision over groups experiment."

Media 206

OTT/CTV Publishers: Flatten your waterfall to create maximum value


Programmatically sold OTT/CTV inventory continues to increase as does the importance of the open exchange, as streaming TV viewership surpassed cable TV for the first time. Since its inception, premium OTT/CTV media has been strictly reserved for upfront purchases.

Retail media makes up 11% of global ad spend, GroupM says

Marketing Dive

Global advertising revenue for retail-based companies will grow from $88 billion in 2021 to $101 billion this year and to $160 billion in 2027

The Big Story: The DOJ And FTC Are Watching Big Tech And Ad Tech


Government intervention in the world of ad tech is taking place on two sides: antitrust action and “commercial surveillance.”

Things to Consider When Planning Content Marketing Strategy

Ad Rants

A good content marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Most businesses used to focus on a hard-sell approach where they would push the audience to buy their products and services. Now, the focus has moved towards a more customer-centric approach.

Meta Sued for Tracking Users, Flouting Apple’s Privacy Rules


Meta finds itself in the crosshairs of a class-action lawsuit for allegedly building a secret workaround to Apple's 2021 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) system, allowing it to track users' activity and collect their personal data.

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Setting up your website: Getting started with Google Analytics 4


The arrival of Google Analytics 4 understandably has people nervous. Using its increased capabilities means learning new processes and thinking about things in new ways. We’re here to help.

Omnicom launches online retail practice as clients seek full-funnel view

Marketing Dive

Transact offers a variety of services, including retail media and analytics tools, and leverages partnerships with Amazon, Instacart, Kroger and Walmart