For TV, GRPs Are Out, And Impressions Are In


Impressions are the standard metric in the CTV environment, which means there’s been a surge in support and comfort around impressions as a currency, writes Brie Pinnow, co-founder of Blinc. The post For TV, GRPs Are Out, And Impressions Are In appeared first on AdExchanger.

CTV Maintains Lead For Most Impressions Served in Q2, According to Extreme Reach Report

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The majority of CTV advertisers devote 50% or more of their impressions to the platform, over all other devices. In Q2 2022, CTV accounted for 38% of all impressions served, the same share it had in Q1, and a modest gain year-over-year.


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Alcohol TV impressions slip amid return-to-normal push

Marketing Dive

The alcohol industry tempered its approach to TV advertising in the first seven months of 2022, with beer taking the biggest hit

Brands drive significant chatter, impressions with sponsored esports streams

Marketing Dive

Despite pandemic restrictions waning, gaming seems to be increasing in popularity — and profitability

CTV overtakes mobile for global ad impressions


CTV has become the dominant platform globally for video ad impressions according to a new report from Innovid, the independent linear, CTV and digital advertising and measurement platform. North America had the largest share of CTV impressions by region.

How do Advertisers Use Machine Learning to Buy Cheaper Impressions?


In this article, I will share with you my perspective on why it is so important to have both a consistent sales strategy and some additional tools on hand so as to safeguard the value and prices of the impressions you have available to you.

First Orion Featured on 2022 Inc. 5000 Annual List, Continues Impressive Growth

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5000 Annual List, Continues Impressive Growth appeared first on MarTech Series. The telecommunications leader experienced remarkable growth, placing them on the prestigious list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

DeepIntent Outcomes Hits 65% of Campaign Impressions, Meeting Healthcare Advertisers’ Demand for Improved Measurement and Optimization

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Additionally, nearly two-thirds (65%) of all impressions served today via DeepIntent’s demand side platform (DSP) are optimized toward higher audience quality and prescription (script) performance, meeting healthcare marketers’ demand for technology that can deliver quantifiable results.

Ukraine war hits Omnicom hard but US giant still posts impressive Q1 2022 growth

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The post Ukraine war hits Omnicom hard but US giant still posts impressive Q1 2022 growth first appeared on More About Advertising. Omnicom grew strongly in the first quarter of 2022 with organic growth up 11.9%, ahead of rival Publicis with 10.5%.

Continuous Growth of Mobile Leads to Impressive Number of Game App Downloads

Digital Turbine

While mobile app adoption increased impressively at the start of the pandemic in 2020, the metrics have started to show some readjustment in 2022. The post Continuous Growth of Mobile Leads to Impressive Number of Game App Downloads appeared first on Digital Turbine. With over 6.3

Continuous Growth of Mobile Leads to Impressive Number of Game App Downloads

Ad Colony

While mobile app adoption increased impressively at the start of the pandemic in 2020, the metrics have started to show some readjustment in 2022. The post Continuous Growth of Mobile Leads to Impressive Number of Game App Downloads appeared first on AdColony. With over 6.3

Karmarama confounds critics with impressive Army outing

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Much hoopla in the media about this new British Army campaign from Karmarama, building on last year’s ‘This Is Belonging.’ ’ Seems there was a plan at some stage to move away from the long-serving tagline ‘Be The Best’ (it’s still there). One new ad showing a Muslim soldier pausing for prayer caused a pre-launch kerfuffle. Advertisers Agencies Creative News Politics advertising army featured

Mobile Display Impression Shares Growing

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The performance of mobile banner advertisements doubled in Q4, with higher unit engagement rates, video play rates and video completion rates, per a recent report. Interstitial ad units engagement rates also rose, from 2.5% to 3.4%, while ad expansion rates for expandable banners remained unchanged

What Is CPM Advertising? A Guide to Cost per Thousand Impressions Ads

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What is CPM in advertising? There are several types of pricings designed for digital programmatic advertising and online advertising in general. They include CPI, CPC, CPA, and, of course, CPM (CPT) - the most popular pricing model for ad buying. It is an abbreviation for “cost per mille”, where. Programmatic

CPA 40

The WIR: US Senators Introduce a Bill to Break Up Google’s Ad Tech, Next 15 Agrees £310 Million Takeover of M&C Saatchi, and CTV Video Impressions Overtake Mobile


CTV Overtakes Mobile on Video Impressions. CTV overtook mobile in 2021 to become the platform with the greatest share of global video impressions. The survey analysed 286 billion video and display advertising impressions across Innovid’s platform throughout 2021.

Connected TV Ecosystem Holds the Potential of Greater Return for Eager Advertisers

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A recent milestone was surpassed where CTV ad impressions passed mobile impressions, bringing into question the ad spend standards that have been in place for the last number of years.

AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ad Tech Provider Reports Q2 2022 Results

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According to the official company’s announcement, in Q2 2022 the number of video ad impressions served daily in direct partnership with the AdPlayer.Pro’s publishers exceeded 52,000,000,000. AdPlayer.Pro reports the daily video ad serving volumes exceeded 52,000,000 in April – June 2022.

White Bullet’s Collaboration With Sygna? Association Significantly Reduces Ad-Funded Piracy in Key European Market

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to the Polish ad industry; with the cyber security company providing quarterly updates around trends in ad impressions and revenue. listed websites and outlines trends in ad impressions and revenue on Polish IP-infringing Sygna? White Bullet’s Q2 2022 Ad Funded Piracy Report for Sygna?

TVision and Upwave Unveil “The Impact of Attention on Brand Lift” Report To Gauge How Attention Impacts Brand Outcomes and Metrics

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Ad Attention is calculated as the percentage of all ad impressions in which the viewer looked at the TV screen for two or more seconds.

Jackie Balchin of DMS: how can we tell what’s really behind online impressions and minutes?

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about the slow movement towards counting ‘attention minutes’ rather than relying on impressions alone when looking at the success of online ads. The argument being that brands would only pay for active views, based on whether a user is scrolling, typing or clicking on the page. This is. Ad Tech Advertisers Agencies Analysis Media PR facebook online advertising social media

So far so good for adam&eveDDB as it adds Aviva to impressive list of account gains

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Adam&eveDDB, the agency of the year by anyone’s standards in 2014, has kicked off 2015 by landing another big one, UK insurance company Aviva’s ‘global’ account. Global in inverted commas because Aviva, formerly Norwich Union, would like to be seen as a global business but it isn’t really. It’s sold its US business, still the. Advertisers Agencies Creative News adam&eveBBDO Aviva

Ciesco: IPG sets the pace in the first quarter of 2016 with impressive organic growth

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By Ciesco. IPG set the pace in Q1 but it was Publicis who surprised the market with above expected growth. Interpublic Group’s reported revenue increased 3.9% to $1.7bn. As with full year 2015 results, IPG enjoyed the highest organic growth of the four largest holding companies in Q1 2016, with 6.7%. Net acquisitions accounted for. Ad Tech Advertisers Agencies Analysis Finance News ciesco IPG omnicom WPP

How to Get the Cheapest Facebook Ads Without Sacrificing Quality

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How much you’ll have to pay for impressions and clicks on Facebook depends on a variety of factors. The way Facebook advertising cost is calculated is by looking at how many impressions they’re serving up and how many clicks you’re generating. The more clicks you get in relation to impressions, the less you pay for each action. Low impressions. Solid impressions. High impressions.

How to Get the Cheapest Facebook Ads Without Sacrificing Quality

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Pay Per Click advertising click-through rates cost for acquisitions CTR engagement Facebook Ads Facebook Lead Ads impressions relevance score side bar adsWhen you’re doing Facebook advertising, or any type of advertising, your objective is not to get a win right out of the gate. That’s typically not going to happen. Your objective is to find some semblance of traction and start bringing the numbers up over time while looking for key spots to optimize. Time is.

11 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score

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Even so, ads with low relevance scores are never going to be displayed to the number of users that an ad with high relevance score would, so simply increasing your bid is not a good long-term strategy for growing impressions. Low impressions. Solid impressions. High impressions. A higher Facebook ad relevance score provides several benefits: Receive more impressions and reach a wider audience. Lower bids for the same number of impressions.

Ads Playing on Streaming Services While TV Is Off Waste Brands $1 Billion Per Year


On average, 8-10% of overall streaming impressions were delivered when the TV was off. However, that statistic jumps to 17% when looking solely at impressions delivered.

Impressive World Cup Stats Every Marketer Should Know {Infographic}


As we count down until the 2018 World Cup and the excitement builds, social media will be a prime channel for interaction. Instagram Twitter Facebook Adglow world cup Football

The 7 Marketing Tools That I Can’t Live Without

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Through ClickFlow, companies can automatically see which pages on their site have the most potential to grow revenues – such as pages that have high impression count in search but a low click through rate. You can look at the click-through rate, you can look at the impressions your keywords are getting. And what they're looking for is the biggest disparity: the keywords that get a shitload of impressions, very few clicks and aren't ranking high enough.

Four Seasons Rebrand Evicts Stuffiness for Personalized Luxury


At least that's the impression. Luxury hotels don't want you to have fun of any kind. Uptight hotel staff don't want you to have sundae bars delivered to your room or hotel limousines stocked with pizza or animals in their hotels.

Snap’s Craig Stimmel Joins WWE as SVP, Head of Global Sales and Partnership


have been doing of late must have impressed Craig Stimmel, as he left his role as head of global brands for Snapchat to become senior vice president and head of global sales and partnership at WWE. The work that World Wrestling Entertainment and Snap Inc.

Swedish Cannibalism Spot Scoops Cannes Entertainment Grand Prix


The work, created by McCann Stockholm, was awarded the top award in the category after impressing jurors. CANNES, France--Would you eat a human to save the planet?

Creative 100: Agency Talents to Watch


So it's especially impressive when emerging talents don't just endure, but also thrive as their careers develop. The early years of a creative's career can often be grueling ones, with long hours, intense deadlines and an uphill road when it comes to earning a role on major client work.

Agency 219

Brightline Debuts New Connected TV Ad Offerings in Rebranded Suite


The product suite is getting a shiny new name, rebranding to OTT Accelerator from Brightline Ad Impressions. Connected TV technology company Brightline wants to overhaul its streaming ad suite, and it's starting with a slew of CTV advertising products.

Simply Spiked Lemonade builds on word-of-mouth buzz with paid marketing push

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After generating 2 billion impressions since its June launch, the brand is running a campaign that plays on Simply’s 21st anniversary

Apple is building a demand-side platform


For some time now, Apple has given the impression that it doesn’t like online advertising. The post Apple is building a demand-side platform appeared first on Digiday. Media Privacy

Using Social Media Banners to Your Advantage

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In that relatively small rectangular box, you can provide critical information about yourself or your business in one split-second impression. Taking advantage of that impression may determine whether the visitor reads on or not.

Banner 185

How to create Earned Media / advocacy? Ask for it! - Nick Burcher

Nick Burcher

Earned Media impressions generated by the actions of customers / potential customers essentially comes from one of two areas - either from product experience or as a response to advertiser activities in Paid advertising / Owned content. Earned Media impressions are not guaranteed though, a conscious decision has to be made before someone recommends or shares something. skip to main | skip to sidebar. nick burcher. Personal thoughts on the evolution of media and advertising.

Stop Wasting Your Ad Spend On Made-For-Advertising Publishers


MFA is a combination of paid traffic, clickbait and other incentivized traffic, engineered to create ad impressions and generate revenue. There’s a new TLA (“three-letter acronym”) that’s crept into the media-buying conversation. MFA: Made-for-advertising content.

Your Ad Operations Team Is Busy! Leave Ad Screenshots To Automation


Today, every impression has multiple systems evaluating every data point to determine its value. Sponsored post byRob BeelerCEO of Beeler.Tech AdWalletSPONSORED BY:It’s nearly impossible to accuse ad tech of being behind on automation.

Publishers feel the crunch of cookieless browsers like Apple’s Safari


During one of the event’s closed-door sessions — in which publishing executives were granted anonymity for candor — multiple publishing executives lamented seeing ad prices for impressions on cookieless browsers like Safari be half the rate of third-party cookie-enabled impressions.

CV Building Tips: How to Shine on Paper

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They are your first impression on a potential employer. Giving it a professional structure will leave a great impression on the person who is vetting candidates. Why is it Important to Build an Impressive CV?

How In-App Header Bidding Works: A Guide For Publishers


Integrated inside an app’s SDK, in-app header bidding assures a uniform auction, spurring competition among bidders from various demand sources for each in-app ad impression and eventually choosing the highest offer on each ad impression.

The Google Buy-In SDA Needs?; No Shortage Of TikTok Rivals


Defining Moments The IAB Tech Lab introduced Seller-Defined Audiences (SDA) in February as a post-cookie, post-ATT option for publishers to create targetable impressions without sending retargetable cookies or device IDs to DSPs. Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email?