Meta Settles Department of Housing and Urban Development Complaint Over Ad Targeting


The Department of Justice said Tuesday that it reached a settlement with Meta regarding a complaint filed in August 2018 with the Department of Housing and Urban Development over discriminatory uses of ad targeting options from then-Facebook.

CTV Is Immune To Cookie Deprecation – Here’s What That Means For Ad Targeting


Connected TV (CTV) will account for more than one-fifth of total programmatic video ad spending for the first time by. Continue reading » The post CTV Is Immune To Cookie Deprecation – Here’s What That Means For Ad Targeting appeared first on AdExchanger.


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Data and confused: The increasing complexity of digital ad targeting


As the business world struggles to understand the implications of the revolving news of the third-party cookie ban, digital ad targeting is growing more complex than ever. The post Data and confused: The increasing complexity of digital ad targeting appeared first on MarTech.

New Apple ad targets data brokers

TechCrunch Ads

The new 90-second ad spot will run globally this summer on broadcast and social media across 24 countries, per Apple, which also said the campaign will include related creative being splashed across billboards. Private Relay does not feature in Apple’s new ad on data brokers.

Lytics adds cloud data connection feature to improve ad targeting


It will allow them to activate advertising segments across many platforms, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Amazon Ads. Cloud Connect’s free version gives users one data warehouse connection and one ad network.

Uh oh! European carriers are trying to get into ‘personalized’ ad targeting

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The ‘twist,’ if you can call it that, is that different tokens are generated for each ad partner — which they claim “limits” the merging of data from different ad partners to create profiles on customers. Such additions are unexpected,” he added.

Amazon Woos Influencers to Crack Livestream Shopping; EU Considers Restricting Political Ad Targeting

Exchange Wire

In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Amazon attempts to crack the livestream shopping market by currying favour with influencers; the EU Parliament proposes limitations on political ad targeting; and the CMA announces an investigation into Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard.

Why Contextual Video Advertising Is the Future (And How to Start With It)

Read this article to find out why contextual video ad targeting is the best option for publishers. Advertising Advertising Technology Monetization Technology contextual ad targeting contextual targeting contextual video contextual video ad targeting contextual video advertising

AdExplainer: Can Contextual Targeting Work On Streaming TV?


Contextual targeting laid the foundations of TV advertising – particularly by ensuring that ads were stitched into content marketers considered “brand safe.” With the advent of CTV, buyers put context on the back-burner in favor of more granular, first-party audience targeting.

Brands Are Wary Of News – It’s Up To News Publishers To Change Their Minds


The Sell Sider brand advocacy brand safety contextual ad targeting Dev Pragad digital news publishing Google Topics news ad spend news and brand suitability NewsweekMarketers are often mission-driven.

Walmart and Roku Debut First-of-its-Kind Partnership to Bring Commerce to TV Ads

Ad Tech Daily

The post Walmart and Roku Debut First-of-its-Kind Partnership to Bring Commerce to TV Ads appeared first on Ad Tech Daily. World’s largest retailer and America’s #1 TV streaming platform team up to create the simplest checkout experience on TV BENTONVILLE, Ark. &

Upcoming VlogBox Get-Together Webinar To Examine Data Analytics and User Engagement

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The VlogBox Get-Together webinar will be held on 31 May, at 12 PM EDT and will focus on strategies designed to make targeting more effective, as well as a deep drive into geo-communities.

Cross-Media Adtech Lodestar Beatgrid Ignites Industry Reboot With New Product Suite and Rebrand

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The post Cross-Media Adtech Lodestar Beatgrid Ignites Industry Reboot With New Product Suite and Rebrand appeared first on Ad Tech Daily. Ad & Media Strategies Ad Products Ad Targeting Cookieless Targeting Featured Online Media People in Ad Tech Press Releases acr beatgrid

Google and Meta closing ads in Russia helped Putin, argues Navalny

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Google pauses its ad sales in Russia, Microsoft pauses sales. Advertising Tech Europe Policy Social ad targeting Adtech Alexey Navalny censorship Facebook gazprom media Google mass media meta propaganda putin russia rutube social networks ukraine Yandex

7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Single Grain

billion monthly active users – which means that it has a lot of potential to promote your brand: With Facebook ads , which are not expensive, brands can post content to promote their services or products which helps them widen their reach, drive high-quality traffic to their website and boost conversion rates. You spend a lot of your money and time creating Facebook ads, so, obviously, you want to get as much benefit as possible from your ad budget. Ad placement.

EU lawmakers approve regulations on big tech companies

Marketing Dive

Among the restrictions in the new laws, marketers must seek people’s consent to use personal data for ad targeting

Meta Details Plans to Comply With DOJ Settlement Over HUD Discrimination Complaint


Meta provided an update on steps it is taking to implement terms of the settlement it reached with the Department of Justice in June over discriminatory uses of ad targeting options from then-Facebook, resolving a complaint filed in August 2018 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How to Produce Paid Facebook Video Ads for Mobile Like a Pro

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This comprehensive how-to guide for Facebook video ads was updated and expanded for 2020 to provide even more information. Are you trying to run Facebook ads, but no matter how much time you spend tweaking your campaigns, they just don’t seem to be bringing the results you’ve been promising to your boss? So why aren’t your ads performing as well as you’d expect? Here’s how you can produce Facebook mobile video ads like a pro. 6 Facebook Ad Hacks Crushing It Today.

How Data Decentralization Will Shape the Future of Programmatic


In the ad tech space, decentralization sentiment has been spotted in frustrations over the use of personal data for ad targeting as well as in the push to regulate walled-garden advertising behemoths like Facebook and Google. Ready to Take Your Programmatic Ads to the Next Level?

One Year In, IDFA Shows Promising Signs for Media Buyers

Exchange Wire

Ahead of ATS Singapore 2022, Lashanne Phang, senior director, mobile at PubMatic, writes about how ad targeting on mobile has fared one year on since Apple's changes to IFDA in this exclusive article.

Choosing the Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing: A Full Guide

Smarty Ads

In this guide, affiliate marketers can discover the best affiliate marketing traffic sources: from creating affiliate website to using paid ads, targeted traffic, social media sites, search engines.

Nano Interactive Appoints Matthew Beck as VP, Partnerships

Exchange Wire

Nano Interactive, leaders in privacy-first ad targeting solutions, today (July 11th, 2022) announces the appointment of Matthew Beck as VP, partnerships. Appointment Privacy Targeting

AdExplainer: What Is First-Party Data?


You’ve probably heard (dozens of times) by now that first-party data will be the key to post-third-party-cookie ad targeting. And what makes first-party data more suited to a privacy-centric ad experience?

NHS uses scare tactics to get 16 & 17 year olds vaccinated

More About Advertising

The government has been persuading 18 year olds to get vaccinated by talking about night clubs and living their best lives, but the ads targeting 16 and 17 year olds are altogether more gloomy, focusing on the debilitating effects of long covid.

WTF are seller-defined audiences?


The IAB Tech Lab’s seller-defined audiences specification is one of many, many digital ad industry efforts to replace the third-party cookie with purportedly privacy-friendly alternatives.

Targeted Ads are not for C-Level executives

The Ad Tech Blog

C-level executives are not immune to Targeted Ads. It is fundamentally wrong to think that executives won’t click on targeted ads or fill up lead forms. How many clients did I get with these targeted ads? Facebook Ads

Hyperlocal Targeting Advertising Now Available In Admixer.DSP


And, sure thing, keep their ads relevant. This is where location-based targeting step in. What is hyperlocal targeting? Location-based targeting, also called geofencing or hyperlocal, means serving ads targeted […].

Facebook agrees to revamp adtech over discrimination charges


Facebook’s parent company Meta will revamp its targeted advertising system following accusations it allowed landlords to run discriminatory ads. Facebook must build a new ad system that will ensure housing ads are delivered to a more equitable mix of people.

Publishers feel the crunch of cookieless browsers like Apple’s Safari


He then added, in something of a call to action to the publishers in attendance: “We have a lot to make up for in that space. You’re going to see a 50% delta in CPMs between [cookie-enabled and cookieless impressions] for the same ad unit,” said one publishing executive.

Meta settles lawsuit with Justice Department over ad-serving algorithms

TechCrunch Ads

But assuming it moves forward, Meta said that it has agreed to develop a new system for housing ads and pay a roughly $115,000 penalty, the maximum under the FHA. Meta must notify the Justice Department if it intends to add any targeting options. The U.S.

Scout: TikTok Concerns in D.C., Understanding Your Audio Investment, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content 


Between new bans on hyper-personal social ad targeting in the EU and proposed legislation to break up tech behemoths in the US, it’s been a banner year for digital advertising regulation across the globe. Welcome to Scout!

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation to 2024: An AdTech Perspective


In the short term, the new Chrome target date gives individuals in the industry a chance to catch their breath, continue evaluating their options, and (as Google itself noted) test the Privacy Sandbox API before they’re fully cut-off from cookies. Here we go again.

What Is a Data Clean Room and How Does It Work?


Third-party cookies were the main mechanism for identifying individuals across different websites for the purpose of showing them personalized ads, running frequency capping, measuring the performance of campaigns, and performing attribution. Google Ads Data Hub.

Survey from Lytics Finds Growing Involvement of IT Teams in Marketing

Martech Series

Today, marketers use first-party data from a number of different sources including: their website, mobile app, CRM, ecommerce platform, and point-of-sale (POS) to inform all of their segmentation and targeting. One priority is targeting.

ROI 83

How to run growth marketing during a recession

TechCrunch Ads

That’s without even going into the complexities of 2022, such as the degradation of ad targeting (due to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency program) and post-pandemic behavioral shifts. Jonathan Martinez. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

What Is PPID and How Does It Benefit Publishers?

Ad Monsters

Leveraging first-party data is not a new concept within the ad tech industry, but the practice has become much more vital with each new privacy regulation regulating the collection, usage, and sharing of consumer data. . In November of 2021, Google Ad Manager (GAM) aimed to do just that.

9. Beth Wallace – you’ve got AOL’s ad-tech advocate

Paleo AdTech

history), our ad tech pioneer set out to apply the rigor of DM to digital acquisition, frustrated that ads were bought online they way they were on TV. ” Michael Rubenstein, Beth Wallace, Ted Shergalis and Joe Zawadzki with (live) ad-tech admirer in the early 2000’s.

‘I highly doubt this is the last deadline’: Why Google’s daunting balancing act leaves the cookie’s fate open-ended


However, the scale of its footprint and Google’s dominance of the media market paints a target on its chest , a reality that requires deft political maneuvering from the online colossus. “I also highly doubt that this is the last deadline pushback we see,” he claimed in a written statement, adding that while “many may sigh” at the latest announcement, much progress has been made since the prospect of sunsetting cookies was first mooted in 2019.

Facebook bans academics looking at misinformation: Monday’s Daily Brief


Data and confused: The increasing complexity of ad targeting . “As As the business world struggles to understand the implications of the revolving news of the third-party cookie ban, digital ad targeting is growing more complex than ever,” writes contributor Ryan Alford.

3. Joe Zawadzki – the original (Media)math man

Paleo AdTech

Joe Zawadzki is CEO of MediaMath , ad tech pioneer and noted investor, mentor and visionary. Poindexter was originally focused on website personalization and optimization, and customers such as AOL and American Express asked them to deliver better prospects in the first place (aka, ad tech). A floppy-haired, Tesla-driving, intensely affable Harvard grad, he came to NYC in the late ’90s and joined a real estate firm as an analyst.

Sensitive data ruling by Europe’s top court could force broad privacy reboot

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Ad tracking in the frame. ” “This judgement will speed up the evolution of digital ad ecosystems, towards solutions where privacy is considered seriously,” he also suggested. Well, there are, there is now a good chance for some privacy-preserving ad targeting systems.


Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring CloudShare, Adobe, Viant, RollWorks and More!

Martech Series

Ericsson Emodo Launches Industry First Accuracy-Verified Audience Solutions with Three UK to Improve Ad Efficacy and Audience Accuracy. and LiveRamp Partner To Enhance Outdoor Ad Targeting and Analytics.


Google’s crumbling third-party cookie is still likely to take center stage at Dmexco 2022


Dmexco is back and while many are still trying to figure out the role of the Germany-based conference when it comes to the global circuit, ad tech’s key talking points have moved on considerably after a two-year digital hiatus.