Ad Agencies Need Systems to Consistently Produce Leads

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Believe it or not, most small to midsize agencies are not organized to consistently generate leads. Agency life is chaotic. Too much to do; to little time. The answer to this problem is to work smarter not harder by creating SYSTEMS for new business. A system is a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a repeated business issue. Business development doesn’t have to be so difficult.

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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Returning Visitors to Your Site

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Digital marketers tend to focus on attracting new customers to a business because they measure success by the number of new clicks they managed to drive to a site. Yet, returning customers are much more important to a business than first-time visitors.


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Åsk Wäppling’s Adland Torpedoed By “Nuisance DMCA”


Åsk Wäppling is a warrior in the midst of a legal battle to preserve 20 years of her digital work. Thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the lawyers who misuse it to intimidate everyday citizens, Adland.tv is now offline. DMCA criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures […]. The post Åsk Wäppling’s Adland Torpedoed By “Nuisance DMCA” appeared first on Adpulp.

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Guinness is good for you: ‘the clear stuff’ is just tap water

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This safe drinking campaign makes a refreshing change. Moderation messages usually lurk unconvincingly in the small print — “drink responsibly” or “stop when the fun stops” — but this Guinness ad by AMV BBDO flat out suggests we drink water instead of booze. It’s not just any water, though, this is Guinness Clear. It’s 100. Advertisers Agencies Creative News featured

Creative Leadership and what it could mean to your organization.

Gods of Advertising

Over the years, creative leadership has meant different things to different people in different kinds of agencies.

Instagram Hashtags Strategy: 9 Ways to Grow Engagement in 2019

Ad Espresso

Twitter may have invented social media hashtags, but Instagram put them on the map. Gving marketers something else to lose sleep over: how to create an Instagram Hashtags Strategy to get results.

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Most Viewed Video Ads: Holiday Top 10


We love this week's chart because it features 4 brand new videos!! Most importantly, there are robots. and has anyone not seen that Boston Dynamics video yet because if you haven't, prepare to be blown away!

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Monday.com raises $150M more in equity funding: Here’s an in-depth look into their $12M ad spend.

Ad Beat

Formerly known as Dapulse, Monday.com is a team management platform that was founded in 2012 by Roy Mann (former C-level Executive at Wix) and Eran Zinman (former R&D Manager at Conduit Mobile). Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company raised a $1.5

12 Tips for Using Testimonials for Ad Agency New Business

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Adding recommendations is one of the easiest ways to empower your agency’s new business program. As part of my consulting work, I’m asked to review a lot of agency websites from a new business perspective. Just yesterday, I was asked to review the website of a large ad agency in New York. I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t find a single testimonial from a happy client. A good number of agencies neglect to add this important component to their marketing mix.

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Ad Agencies: The Two Things Prospects Want to Buy

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You should stop selling your services, that’s not what prospects are buying. Agency business development programs are often sales focused. They’re built around outbound, interruptive sales tactics that are designed to start engagements with prospective clients. The prospects have little, if any, awareness of the agency or how they’re different from their competitors. Success in “selling the agency” is proving to be extremely difficult.

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A Plan for Ad Agency New Business in 3 Simple Steps

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Having a written marketing plan makes new business easier and much more consistent. Most agencies have no plan for new business. They can’t express what they are selling or who they are selling it to. For you to state that you want to “take your agency to the next level” is not a strategy, it’s a goal. A strategy is not your agency’s mission statement. Your marketing strategy is a plan of execution. Goals, objectives and mission statements are all fine.

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Why Is Instagram Hiding Likes (& What This Means for Social Media Marketers)

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Instagram is now hiding likes. On November 14, 2019, Instagram announced the expansion of their world-wide test in which “you'll no longer see the total number of likes and views on photos and videos posted to Feed unless they’re your own.”:

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For Good Things To Happen, Brands First Need To Be Famous


Rory Sutherland is a deep thinker with the ability to cut through the b t. It’s an uncommon trait, so let’s pay close attention to the man’s words. When asked what is the biggest challenge for Ogilvy (where he works as Vice Chairman) in the next 10 years, Sutherland cooly replies: “Oh. I think that the […]. The post For Good Things To Happen, Brands First Need To Be Famous appeared first on Adpulp. Ad People Creativity Data Industry Analysis


Talon Outdoor: mindsets and digital OOH – influencing change by audience mindset and behaviour

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Out of Home (OOH) is a thriving medium in the media landscape, particularly due to the continued rise of digital. There has been ample investment by media owners into this area, which has culminated into a strong Digital Out of Home (DOOH) weekly reach. The reasons for this digital renaissance include repeated findings that DOOH. Advertisers Agencies Analysis Creative Finance Media News Partner Content featured Talon outdoor

Creating the perfect manifesto: May I compose one for you?

Gods of Advertising

Two giant companies are merging into a behemoth. They hire me to write a manifesto honoring the union. It must be celebratory but reassuring too. People from both sides are scared, fearing redundancies. The new sales force needs a clarion. I ask to be paid a modest sum.

Build Your Social Media Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

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A well-thought-out social media strategy is one of the best tools you have for helping your brand rise above the fray. But in today’s crowded social media landscape, competition can be brutal. Everyone is not only fighting for engagement—they’re spending more to get it.

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Just Asking For a Friend: Decision Science


We’re kicking off a new series called “Just Asking For a Friend” to break down some tricky digital advertising terms that you might not feel comfortable discussing in the break room or important meetings. Don’t fret! We are here to assuage your fears and will help you brush up on key subjects like live audiences, the consumer journey, and machine learning vs. deep learning. Today, let’s kick things off with a topic you may have heard buzzing around the marketing-sphere.

Distractions Can Take A Toll On Ad Agency New Business

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Distracted driving accounts for a whopping 64% of all car accidents. Why it’s so hard to remain focused on new business and how to deal with distractions. The atmosphere is often chaotic at most agencies. There are numerous interruptions and urgent requests throughout each day. It’s an environment that’s in a perpetual state of distraction. Working in this kind of climate is stressful. You’re constantly shifting from one task to the next.

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Thought Leadership Study for Ad Agency New Business

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Thought leadership influences prospects to help agencies win,?retain retain and even grow client business. A recent study, by Edelman and LinkedIn, of 1,201 U.S. business decision makers, reveals that thought leadership is more powerful than marketers think. It not only helps attract new business but strengthens relationships with existing clients.

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Your Personal Brand is Key for Ad Agency New Business

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Brian Morris/Brad Ball, the Silver Advertising Agency. Developing your personal brand is one of the best investments you can make for new business. Through my experience working with hundreds of advertising, digital, media and PR firms, I’ve discovered how important it is for the agency owner to be the face of their company. Given the rise of social media, their personal brand story is as essential, or even more so, than the agency’s brand.

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7 Helps for Consistent Online Leads for Ad Agency New Business

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Business development doesn’t have to be so difficult. With a little forethought and the creation of simple steps and processes, you can create a system that will make it much easier to kick-start your online leads. H ere are 7 processes to help get you started: 1. Consistently Use Lead Generation Platforms. The battle for new business has moved online. 80-90% of business to business transactions begin with a search on the web. Marketing Sherpa Click To Tweet.

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Do this ONE Thing to Build Your Agency’s Brand

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Owners of small to midsize advertising, digital, media agency and PR agency’s need to WRITE. Owners of small to midsize advertising, digital, media agency and PR agency’s need to WRITE! This isn’t a new discovery for me. Since starting my new business consultancy, I’ve written my way into a thriving business. Creating helpful content has provided me with a consistent flow of inbound leads.

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9 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is digital marketing technique that is constantly changing. The year alone saw several Google algorithm updates: March 2019 Core update. June 2019 Core update. Site Diversity update. Maverick update. BERT update (the most recent).

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Please Pause What You’re Doing and Give Thanks to Women In Advertising


March is Women’s History Month and a great time to look back in advertising history for significant early achievements by women. Here is a revealing document (a list of members of the Advertising Hall of Fame): Thankfully, the list improves through the decades, but perhaps not as dramatically as it should. The 1st Content Queen: […]. The post Please Pause What You’re Doing and Give Thanks to Women In Advertising appeared first on Adpulp.

VW’s Beetle rides off into the sunset with farewell ad

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Writer/Creative Director for Hire. Let’s do Wonderful Together.

Gods of Advertising

Gods of Advertising is on backburner so I can devote more energy to completing a manuscript as well as writing for my clients. Perhaps you? Services include copy writing, brand manifestos and creative direction. I’m passionate about helping clients develop powerful creative business ideas. Consumer or B2B, versatile in the trickiest verticals. This is my portfolio. Do you have a writing project you would like to discuss -professional or personal?

Making Ad Agency Ownership Fun Again

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Agency Owner, Jon Tsourakis. Being an agency owner can be lonely. It’s natural. We’re at the top and insulated. Our world consists of our employees, clients, vendors and the small, finite amount of time we get to spend with our friends and families. Sure, it can be fun, exciting and rewarding. Hell, we wouldn’t do it otherwise. These are the highs. But on the other hand, there are lows. And they get well, really low. In some cases, it seems you don’t have anyone to turn to.

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Most Viewed Video Ads: Hulu Leads With Sports Streaming


This week on the MVVA chart, streaming service Hulu gains enough views to take the first and second spots! Their chart-topping campaign is new to the MVVA list, featuring the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. Retail vacuum company Dyson grabbed a spot and new to the chart this week in the fourth spot is GEICO, with an ad featuring the winner of their “Best Of” sweepstakes. Take a look at some of the top ads below: Hulu.

A New Business Plan is Just a Plan Until It’s Executed

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Execution is the battleground that determines success or failure. For ad agencies that even have a new business plan, the majority fall short in its implementation. 66% of agency execs stated their new business hire was unsuccessful because the person lacked a methodology. - RSW/US New Business Survey Report Click To Tweet. How many annual planning meetings has your agency gone through to create a strategic marketing plan, only to have it fail in its implementation?

How to Spot Brands On the Brink of Agency Review

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There are important shifts that signal a brand will soon be shopping for new agencies on a permanent or per project basis, and the key is to strike at the earliest sign of opportunity. But how do you know when the iron’s hot? Predicting these timelines is part art, part science.

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Positioning is the Foundation for Ad Agency New Business

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Without a differentiated position, new business is much harder than it needs to be. . Many small to midsize agencies have not addressed positioning because of either procrastination or, more likely, their unwillingness to make the difficult business decisions.

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Targeting First-time CMOs for Ad Agency New Business

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Here are five brands that have added their first CMO. As any agency business development executive knows, it’s crucial to track decision-maker shifts in order to beat competitors to the pitch. First-time CMOs are one of the top new business triggers for agency changes, media shifts, and new marketing technology investments, as new hires tend to make changes within 3-12 months following their appointment.

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How to Boost Conversions with Your Article’s Featured Image

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As the web is becoming more visual and interactive, standing out and being remembered is getting even tougher. Visual content can certainly boost engagement and brand memorability, but only if you create an effective visual marketing strategy.

What Is Category Design in Marketing (And Why Is It an Important Strategy)?

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Traditional marketing has been evolving so fast in the last couple of years. Nowadays, it’s not about beating everyone else at the game – it’s about creating your own game. This relatively new marketing strategy is known as category design.

3 Steps to Brand Marketing Success: Consider, Believe, and Buy


I can’t recall how many articles I’ve published here about the power of content marketing, a.k.a. brand storytelling. So many.

Red Brick Road lands Canderel and 1800 tequila

More About Advertising

Independent London agency Red Brick Road is ending the year on a high note with two new clients: Canderel and Pure Via sweeteners and Proximo Spirits, which distributes a number of brands including Jose Cuervo and Bushmills. RBR will focus particularly on mass market tequila brand 1800.

Extraordinary writing from an extraordinary man: Reexamining MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Gods of Advertising

When I was in college, I took a course on rhetoric and debate in 20th century America. In it, we looked at numerous famous speeches made by famous people: Lincoln, Jefferson, King, etc. Learning from great persuaders how to fashion a rational and emotional argument would later become useful as a copywriter and presenter. During that semester, no document we studied was more powerful than Martin Luther King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail.