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Using Social Media Banners to Your Advantage

Ad Rants

Have you ever considered using your top banner on LinkedIn or Facebook to promote yourself or your business? Your Banner, Your Future. There are several great online tools to help you create the best banner for your needs, one such great online tool can be found here at [link]. Tools of the Trade. Choose Text Wisely. Conclusion.

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7 Smart Ways to Reduce Banner Blindness

Automatad Inc.

Share Tweet Share As a publisher, do you remember the last banner ad that caught your attention? Banner ads are traditional ad formats. Therefore, the phenomenon called banner blindness was born. Banner blindness has been here for a long time. How Does Banner Blindness Affect Publishers? So, look no further.

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Who Said Display Is Dead? PubMatic Grows Banner Budgets By 9%


PubMatic Grows Banner Budgets By 9% appeared first on AdExchanger. And PubMatic’s investments are paying off. The SSP reported 14% year over year revenue growth, with a total of $84.6 […] The post Who Said Display Is Dead?

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Playable ads drive 20x more installs than banners

Marketing Tech News

Read more » The post Playable ads drive 20x more installs than banners appeared first on Marketing Tech News. With increased competition, the report highlights the need for advertisers to optimize spending across platforms and ad formats. For e-commerce, the cost per.

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Why Are So Many US Companies Using Cookie Banners On Their Websites?


Although it’s not legally required, many websites in the US have started using cookie banners in a misguided attempt to protect themselves from lawyers who smell blood in the water. The post Why Are So Many US Companies Using Cookie Banners On Their Websites? appeared first on AdExchanger.

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Reducing Banner Blindness: How Humans Read Webpages


Banner blindness is almost a timeless user practice where they tend to consciously or subconsciously ignore banner advertisements. As we know, banner [.]. As we know, banner [.]. It is crucial to place more emphasis on consumer habits when it pertains to digital platforms and develop innovative engagement strategies.

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Banner Sizes: The Must-Have Banners of 2023

Monetize More

Advertisers would know which banner sizes have inventory readily available and publishers are assured of demand ready to serve on their site’s inventory. Adding a medium rectangle banner with a leaderboard ad is extra revenue, so leverage this ad size lucratively. It’s best to put this above the fold for high CPMs.

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