Server Side Header Bidding & taking the hybrid approach?

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Header bidding is one of the best innovations to hit the online advertising industry in the last decade. Another advertising solution that publishers are adopting is a server to server header bidding auction. What is Server-Side Header Bidding?

Header Bidding Solutions: Maximizing Revenue from Header Bidding


Header bidding solutions are a sure way to increase ad revenue, as long as they are set up and maintained correctly. The amount of time and effort you put into your header bidding solution will directly correlate with the results you can expect to gain from it. Key Points.


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What Is Header Bidding and Why Should Publishers Be Doing It? [+Stats]


If you are a publisher in the digital ad space, header bidding is likely not new to you, regardless of whether or not you've ventured into the header bidding world. There is a reason header bidding has become almost an industry standard.

What is a Header Bidding Wrapper?


Header bidding wrappers are pieces of code that manage your header bidders and auctions. There are various types of header bidding wrappers. Header BiddingKey Takeaways.

When Header Bidding Got Too Complex, Freecycle Found Simplicity In Managed Services


Continue reading » The post When Header Bidding Got Too Complex, Freecycle Found Simplicity In Managed Services appeared first on AdExchanger. What happens when your main monetization partner starts flagging your content as spam? Just ask Freecycle.

Prebid, of Header Bidding Fame, Sees Its Ranks Swell as Publishers Seek Shop Talk


When there are more people at the table, it's easier to find the best solution for a common problem.

In-App Header Bidding: How to make more money with it? [7 Benefits Included]

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In-app bidding has been the secret sauce of the 10% of app publishers who are killing it in mobile advertising. In this article, we’ll explore how in-app header bidding works and why you should consider using it for scaling your app monetization. Introduction.

Admixer.Network Launches Header Bidding


Now ad networks owners can target approved Header Bidding DSPs partners and bring more efficiency in programmatic trading. We’re glad to announce the rollout of a new feature for Admixer.Network owners – Header Bidding demand.

Benefits of server-side header bidding and easy deployment and maintenance with Relevant Yield


Header bidding is a programmatic ad sales technique, which is used by more than 70% of publishers to e.g. boost eCPMs, increase fill rates, and maximize ad revenues. Programmatic Publisher Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant Yield

How Can Publishers Take Advantage of Prebid Header Bidding?


Have you heard of Header Bidding? Header bidding has quickly become the talk of the town, and the people in the ad optimization industry are actively deliberating about the subject. Ad Tech & Ad Ops headerbidding prebid prebid header bidding prebid timeout prebid.js

Header bidding Management: How to get started with Ad refresh?


Programmatic Publisher Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant YieldPublishers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their advertising revenue.

Prebid: The Technology Behind Header Bidding


Header bidding made a revolution in the advertising market and permitted media owners to boost their revenues by diversifying demand. The post Prebid: The Technology Behind Header Bidding appeared first on Admixer.Blog.

Herramienta ‘Professor Prebid’ para Header Bidding: ¿evolución o fracaso?

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En este momento, el Header Bidding (ofertas de encabezado) están en aumento en el mundo de los anuncios digitales. Prebid ha lanzado una nueva extensión de Header Bidding para Chrome, que promete hacer la vida más fácil para los editores. Ofertas (bids).’s tool Professor Prebid is designed to streamline Header Bidding


to streamline header bidding management. Programmatic Publisher Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant , the organization that oversees open source Prebid programmatic advertising solutions, announced the release of Professor Prebid.

What is Header Bidding?


Header bidding is a programmatic technique leveraged by publishers that offers inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time before making calls to their ad server. The technology unites all publishers’ header bidding demand sources into one unified auction.

Ferramenta Professor Prebid para Header Bidding: divisor de águas ou fracasso?

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Neste momento, o header bidding está em alta no mundo editorial. A Prebid lançou uma nova extensão de header bidding para o Chrome, que promete facilitar a vida dos editores. Lances (bids).

Header-bidding Wrapper Landscape in 2019

Smarty Ads

Header-bidding is an AdTech solution for publishers that allows running parallel auctions, in which multiple ad exchanges and networks bid on the same impression simultaneously. However, to use this technology, media owners have to deploy header-bidding wrapper.

Header Bidding: What Is It and How Does It Work?


Header bidding emerged as a solution to combat this discontinuity. The post Header Bidding: What Is It and How Does It Work? Adtech Insights Explained ad network header bidding publishers

Professor Prebid Header bidding tool: Gamechanger or Flop?

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Header bidding is all the rage in the publishing world right now. Prebid has come out with a new header bidding prebid extension for Chrome that is supposed to make things easier for publishers. Bidder entry shows the associated input & bid response.

Lasso’s Header Bidding Solution Is Ready to Empower Healthcare Publishers

Martech Series

Header Bidder Adapter to provide publisher partners premium monetization in any ad placement at scale. The post Lasso’s Header Bidding Solution Is Ready to Empower Healthcare Publishers appeared first on MarTech Series.

Rise of the Header Bidding Wrapper


In 2017, the rise of header bidding has left publishers with a highly advanced, yet familiar problem: how to efficiently manage multiple demand sources. If the concept of header bidding is unfamiliar to you, we suggest you view this article to learn more. Header Bidding

Mobile App Monetization: Why In-App Header Bidding Brings Better Revenue Stream Than SDK?

Smarty Ads

In 2019, more and more mobile publishers transition to header-bidding (parallel bidding) - a technology already well established in the desktop environment. Header-bidding allowed website owners to compare the incoming bids from DSPs in mutually beneficial unified auctions.

Server-side header-bidding: Enhancing Yield, Decreasing Latency

Smarty Ads

Over the past couple of years, there were significant changes made to the header-bidding process which increased the revenue of publishers and elevated user experience. The most important part of these changes included ditching the old waterfall model and transitioning from client-side to server-side bidding. According to. Monetization

Google Creates a Bold Alternative to Header Bidding


Industry media erupted, proclaiming that the program, which the search giant dubbed exchange bidding in dynamic allocation (EBDA), was the death knell for header bidding. The rise of EBDA will not necessarily precipitate the demise of header bidding. Header Biddin

Google Open Bidding: Is it better than Header Bidding?

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If you have an app and haven’t tried out Google Open Bidding yet, you are missing out on a lot of ad earnings. Open Bidding was earlier known as Exchange Bidder in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA). What is Google Open Bidding? Which Yield Partners Work With Open Bidding?

Weekly Roundup: IAB’s TCF GDPR Non-Compliance, Google’s FLEDGE, Header Bidding Adoption Rate

Automatad Inc.

With 70% of the top 10k US sites using header bidding in Q1 2022, Amazon takes the front seat as the preferred adapter and top header bidding partner. Adoption of Header Bidding. Share. Tweet. Share. Summary.

Take Header Bidding to the Next Level with a Prebid.js Wrapper


Header bidding technology has greatly improved the online advertising world and continues to grow in popularity. Having significantly improved older processes, the benefits of header bidding are obvious. While multiple sources for header bidding exist, a prebid.js

Will Header Bidding on Connected Devices Become a New Trend on Supply?

Smarty Ads

To understand what this new trend is about, let us first explore what is header bidding and how it works.

Why Page latency Happens in Header Bidding and How to Tackle it

Smarty Ads

Header bidding was created to solve one of the biggest publisher challenges: improving the low yield associated with the inefficient waterfall method of serving ads. In a report, Adzerk found that nearly 79% top publishers use header bidding.

What is Amazon TAM?


Amazon TAM is a way for publishers to gain access to Amazon's unique demand and centralize their header bidding demand in a single place. Header Bidding Amazon TAMKey Points.

Is This The End For Open Bidding?; B2B Software Co’s Are Getting Into News And Video


Whoop Deduped Open Bidding, Google’s alternative to header bidding that maintains its high take rate, has been in the hot seat since last year, after a state-led antitrust suit revealed the lengths to which Google went to stymie header-bidding adoption.

What is Google Open Bidding?


Open Bidding is Google's answer to header bidding. Although it is not a requirement for a top-tier revenue strategy, many publishers are using Open Bidding to increase their ad revenue exponentially. Before you dive into Open Bidding, you may have some questions.

As Ad Tech Consolidates, Publishers Need To Tread Carefully


The Sell Sider ad tech consolidation ad tech M&A DMPs header-bidding stacks Jayson Dubin Playwire TAG certificationJayson DubinCEOPlaywire“The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community.

Relevant Yield: Trends and our experience in maximizing advertising revenue


Programmatic Publisher Header Bidding Relevant Yield PrebidIn particular, publishers who receive income from selling media space are constantly striving to develop and find new ways to increase digital advertising revenues. New trends and innovations come and go.

JP/Politikens Hus streamline their processes and efficiency with Relevant Yield


Programmatic Technologies Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant Yield API InsightsJP / Politikens Hus is one of Denmark's leading media companies. They are behind a large number of news media, publishers, weekly newspapers and niche media.

Programmatic Needs More Transparent Pricing


The Sell Sider andrew casale header bidding index exchange price discovery SChain“The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community. Today’s column is written by Andrew Casale, president and CEO of Index Exchange.

Next Day Media increased its efficiency and revenue with Relevant Yield


Programmatic Technologies Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant Yield API InsightsNext Day Media works with a large number of Europe’s leading Publishers, primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium; reaching more than 12 million unique users in the Netherlands alone.

Andrea Media Launches New Intelligent Digital Advertising Formats to Increase Publisher Advertising Revenue

Ad Tech Daily

Ad & Media Strategies Ad Operations Ad Products Digital Intelligence Featured Header Bidding Media Buying Press Releases Programmatic Buying andrea mediaParis, France – Andrea Media launches new Intelligent digital advertising formats to increase publisher advertising revenue.

Ogury promuove Benjamin Lanfry al ruolo di Chief Supply Officer

Exchange Wire

Appointment Header Bidding In-AppOgury, leader mondiale del personified advertising, ha annunciato oggi la promozione di Benjamin Lanfry a chief supply officer.

Ogury : Benjamin Lanfry promu au poste de Chief Supply Officer

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Appointment Header Bidding In-AppOgury, le leader mondial de la publicité personnifiée, annonce la promotion de Benjamin Lanfry au poste de chief supply officer.

Ogury promotes Benjamin Lanfry to Chief Supply Officer

Exchange Wire

Appointment Header Bidding In-AppOgury, the global leader in personified advertising, today (August 25th, 2022) announced the promotion of Benjamin Lanfry to the position of chief supply officer.

Protect your digital advertising revenues with Relevant Yield alarms


Programmatic Technologies Header Bidding Ad Serving Relevant Yield API Insights HB AnalyticsDigital sales, development and ad ops teams usually have a lot going on at the same time.

Upgrade to Newer Version of Prebid to Increase Monetization, Control, and Flexibility


More monetization benefits: New real-time data modules: (1plusX RTD and Topics FPD) pass more signals within the bidding object. New bidder additions: Taboo adapter, Video Heroes, Alkimi Bid Adapter, Colossus Bid Adapter, Mediaspniper, DistroScale, Biddo, and Yandex.