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Header Bidding Q&A: Interview Series [Part 1]


Header bidding has grown in popularity over the years and become one of the main ways publishers sell their ad inventory. But the world of header bidding is constantly changing, with new challenges and opportunities arising with every passing year. What Are the Main Challenges Around Header Bidding?

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Best Header Bidding Partners in 2023


The Best Header Bidding Partners in 2023 are: Amazon Index Exchange Magnite Pubmatic Xander OpenX Triplelift Sharethrough Note: this article is regularly reviewed and updated to keep the guidance current and the list up to date.


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What is Video Header Bidding? How does it Work?


In this blog, we introduce you to one of the multiple aspects of header bidding which is video header bidding. Get into the nitty-gritty details of the header, understand what it is, how it works, benefits, downsides, and more. Header bidding is the most efficient way of selling inventory for publishers.

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What are Header Bidding Wrappers? How Do They Work?


Still trying to figure out what is a header bidding wrapper? Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about header bidding wrappers and how they work. We have covered header bidding, the technology that enables publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges many times on this [.]

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A Publishers Guide to Video Header Bidding (Beginner Friendly)

One of the most sophisticated pieces of ad technology we have seen appear recently is video header bidding. But what is header bidding exactly, and do you really need it in order to monetize content? Table of Contents What Is Video Header Bidding? How Does Video Header Bidding Work?

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The Impact of Lazy Auctions on Header Bidding: A/B Testing Results


As we see potential in enhancing the performance of the ads and, therefore, the revenue, we’ve added a Lazy Auction feature to our header bidding tool Quick Wrap. To combat this issue, publishers are often asked to reduce the number of bids they send. In this case, fewer bids do not translate into fewer auctions won.

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A Complete Guide to Header Bidding Analytics for Publishers

publishers use header bidding to increase video ad revenue. However, just implementing header bidding in your monetization strategy isn’t enough to improve your bottom line. That’s why having access to header bidding analytics is essential to maximizing ad yield. hide ] What Are Header Bidding Analytics?