Publishers’ Affiliate Revenues Are Flagging—These 4 Charts Show Why


After rising to historic peaks during the depths of the pandemic, some publishers' affiliate businesses have slowed or declined in growth this year due to a variety of factors, tempering hopes that the programs could help media companies withstand market fluctuation.

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips from a SaaS Affiliate Manager

Single Grain

Diversify your revenue streams by promoting affiliate products. Or maybe we’re slowly moving away from that period in affiliate marketing. At Supermetrics, we have thousands of partners in our affiliate base who use multiple channels to generate sales and earn affiliate commissions.


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The innovations most needed in today’s affiliate space

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The future of affiliate requires making a commitment to brand safety and fraud prevention

Affiliate Marketing Tools: How They Help

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Learn about the tools some of the best affiliate marketers use to build their empires… Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular these days as people trade in their 9-5 work-life for an opportunity to be their own boss.

It’s time for the next “real talk” within affiliate marketing

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Taking the next step in changing the narrative around affiliate and partner marketing

The Key to Creative Affiliate Sales Strategy During Back to School: Improvisation


Marketers are gearing up for yet another busy back-to-school shopping season, and new data shows that there's no one-size-fits-all strategy to get consumers to open their wallets.

37. Blagica Bottigliero – going into Orbitz, social and affiliates

Paleo AdTech

Blagica (blah’-gee-tsa) is a two-decade deep web pioneer and currently Director of Affiliate Marketing at JEB Commerce. Returning just last year to the affiliate space at JEB Commerce, Blagica says, she found it “going gangbusters.” Podcast affiliates orbitz

Viamedia Promotes Madeline Kissel to Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Business Development

Martech Series

Viamedia , the leading fully-integrated independent cross-media local advertising company, announced Madeline Kissel has been promoted to vice president of affiliate relations and business development. Longtime Viamedia Team Member to Lead Growing Roster of TV Advertising Sales Partnerships.

What is an Affiliate Link? - Affiliate Marketing Essentials


If you are new to affiliate marketing or are curious about it, you might have seen the term affiliate link almost in any piece of content that speaks about the affiliate business. In return, the advertiser provides the affiliate with a unique URL.

Upfluence Announces New End-To-End Affiliate Marketing Capabilities to Become the Leading All-In-One Platform Powering Sales Through Creators

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Upfluence’s new suite of affiliate marketing features makes it possible for brands and agencies to run end-to-end affiliate campaigns on the platform for the first time.

Searching for Traffic: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Smarty Ads

Affiliate marketing is one of the major revenue-generating sources for publishers and advertisers. According to a survey, 31% of publishers say it is their second major source of generating revenue, while for 9% it is their primary source of revenue. Over 80% of brands around the.

Instagram will shut down its affiliate commerce program on Aug. 31


Instagram started officially testing the affiliate program in July 2021 and expanded it to its short-form vertical video product Reels in March. The post Instagram will shut down its affiliate commerce program on Aug.

The 20+ Best Gardening Affiliate Programs


Best Gardening Affiliate Programs for the Spring-Summer season Green like dollars and nature, this article contains the best garden affiliate programs for marketers this spring-summer 2021. What is a gardening Affiliate Program? Affiliate Commission: 5% Cookie: 14 days 2.

Top Affiliate Programs in 2022 (High Paying for Beginners)


As affiliate marketing becomes mainstream, and affiliate programs multiply, it is difficult to know where to start. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way of developing a parallel stream of income from wherever you are, with a laptop and wifi. What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Should Advertisers Determine Their Affiliate Payout?


The affiliate payout is one of the most important things you need to set when you create your affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a great alternative for these businesses because it creates a strong bond with potential customers with the help of independent marketers.

How do Affiliate Programs Work


If you are reading this article, you are interested in affiliate marketing and know exactly how so many advertisers are interested in creating their affiliate program. Just keep reading and by the end of it, you will know everything you need to know about how affiliate programs work.

35+ Best Health and Wellness Affiliate Programs


The trends for 2021 in health and wellness, the list of the top affiliate programs, and some tips. So if you are a publisher in this niche, you have endless opportunities in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Program Commission: 10 % per sale 2. Affiliate Program Commission: 7.2%

Choosing the Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing: A Full Guide

Smarty Ads

In this guide, affiliate marketers can discover the best affiliate marketing traffic sources: from creating affiliate website to using paid ads, targeted traffic, social media sites, search engines. What is affiliate marketing?

15+ Best Summer Affiliate Programs to promote in 2022


But we meant, do you have your summer affiliate programs already under your radar? Some of the most amazing summer-related brand’s affiliate marketing programs pay affiliates good money to bring them high-quality leads or sales. Best Affiliate Programs 1.

35+ Best Keto Affiliate Programs in 2021


That’s why we thought you might appreciate our selection of the 30+ Keto Affiliate Programs in 2021. We believe it’s important that you always know what the programs you affiliate to are all about. Affiliate Program Commission: $50 per sale. affiliate programs

Top 15 Underrated Affiliate Marketing OPM Agencies in 2022


Outsourced program management or OPM is the practice of working with a third party that oversees your affiliate program. Countless organizations fall under the mantle of OPM providers, including marketing agencies, traditional OPM firms, and affiliate networks. Affiliate Network

8 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Bloggers


Today, successful bloggers need to implement advanced affiliate marketing strategies to get the biggest possible return from their content. The concept behind modern affiliate marketing is relatively simple and it dates back at least a few decades, if not hundreds of years.

Home Decor Affiliate Programs for content creators


Home Decor Affiliate Programs. This means we can all relate to items held in the home decor environment and in consequence, a whole bunch of affiliate marketing opportunities is out there for you. Niches Home Decor affiliate programs can be interesting to very diverse niches.

What Is Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Complete Guide (For Advertisers and Affiliates)


Today, online advertising techniques like affiliate marketing have changed the way businesses promote their products and services. Affiliate marketing is used by approximately 80% of all businesses , making it the most popular form of online advertising used across all industries.

A Complete Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Brands


Fortunately, affiliate marketing is a great alternative as this type of performance advertising delivers superb results for countless companies across the globe. In other words, companies only pay for the conversions/leads generated by their affiliates. Affiliate Marketing for brand

40+ Best Food Affiliate Programs in 2022


If so, you will love this list of the best food affiliate programs. We crafted the ultimate guide to the best food and drink affiliate programs for you to increase your income in 2022 monetizing all your digital activities to the max. What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Commission - What is it and what types are there?


If you are hearing or reading the term “affiliate commission” lately, it’s because you are wandering around the affiliate marketing world. But the affiliate commission is not always a percentage of a sale. What is Affiliate marketing? What is an affiliate program?

CPL 52

What is the Affiliate Business?


The affiliate business has an average growth of 10% annually and it's worth at least 20% of the advertiser’s marketing budget. The affiliate business is a passionate world where product owners and marketing professionals join their forces to make money. What is Affiliate Marketing?

20+ Top Affiliate Programs for Bloggers this summer


But as you might be well aware, your time and your effort in writing cool informative articles can be monetized with affiliate marketing and we picked some of the cool ones for you to have in mind. Verticale: e-Commerce affiliate programs 2. Vertical: e-commerce affiliate programs 3.

20+ Best Affiliate Marketing Course of 2021


Becoming an affiliate marketer requires creativity, a good work ethic, and above all, constant learning. That said, there are hundreds of marketing courses out there, so you need to find a good combination of general resources and affiliate-orientated content. Affiliate Marketing tips

Travel Affiliate Programs - The Ultimate Guide 2022


Travel Affiliate programs host great opportunities in the affiliate business this year. If you are already thinking about affiliate programs in the travel niche, you are right to do so. Affiliate Commission: 4% or more depending on the item. Affiliate Marketing

The Best 20+ Online Dating Affiliate Programs


Online Dating Affiliate Programs. If you work with affiliate marketing for a very specific niche , you will for sure find an online dating affiliate program that you can promote amongst your audience. Affiliate Commission: CPI: $2.45 affiliate programs

Youtube Affiliate Marketing - Guide 2021


There’s a chance you’re already working with affiliate marketing and you are exploring new ways to increase your passive income, or you are completely new to this and you want to know-how are all those YouTubers making a living. What is Affiliate Marketing? Include Affiliate Links.

Affiliate disclosures examples for bloggers and media website


Affiliate disclosures are very important if you are a blogger and you are thinking of using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. We will explain to you what affiliate disclosures/disclaimers are and how you need to use them inside your blog. Affiliate Marketing

How to Find Affiliate Programs in your Niche?


How to find affiliate programs in your niche to keep your affiliate income blooming. But we know that constantly finding good affiliate programs that relate to your niche, can be at times complicated, especially if you are always searching in the same places.

Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks: What is the Difference?


If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing and how the industry works, you know the importance of choosing the right offer. The affiliate program you select will dictate a variety of crucial elements within your campaign. What’s an Affiliate Program?

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Complementary to Google Ads Campaigns?


Affiliate marketing compliments google ads. However, affiliate marketing is another popular form of advertising that’s used by millions of companies across the globe. In most cases, affiliates receive a commission for each conversion they generate. Affiliate Marketing Google Ad

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide 2021: How to Develop an Affiliate Campaign that Converts


But, 4 out of 5 brands rely on affiliate marketing to boost their overall advertising scheme, making this approach one of the most popular techniques used by modern businesses. Affiliate marketing is a popular choice because it’s a type of performance advertising.

Affiliate network: More efficient than direct advertisers?


To that extent, the method growing in popularity for lead generation is affiliate marketing. And one of the key benefits of becoming an advertiser through an affiliate network is the number of opportunities this opens up, alongside the ease of getting started.

How to pick the best offer in Affiliate marketing?


Choosing the best affiliate marketing offer can be a tough task and some aspects need to be considered to get the best results before you start your campaign. Type of Affiliate Programs There are different types of offers that are related to a specific vertical or category.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing the Best Job for Digital Nomads?


But, becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the most accessible and profitable alternatives that are suitable for virtually anyone willing to invest time into learning. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Affiliates (Publishers, Media Buyers, Influencers, Etc.)

Which Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022?


There’s a seemingly endless collection of variables that affect the performance of an affiliate campaign, but there’s no denying that some of these elements carry more weight than others. What are Affiliate Marketing Niches? Affiliate Marketing

Comparison Websites for affiliate marketing


So what are these famous comparison websites and how can you build one for affiliate marketing? Well, the answer is they make money by selling ad space and or with affiliate marketing, of course! What is affiliate marketing? Learn everything about affiliate disclosures.