3 Considerations to Get the Best Out of Falling Ad Revenue


A sudden decrease in CPMs rate. Ad Tech & Ad Ops ad fill rate ad floor pricing ad optimization ad revenue ad revenue optimization banner ads sizes floor price header bidding

Benefits of server-side header bidding and easy deployment and maintenance with Relevant Yield


Header bidding is a programmatic ad sales technique, which is used by more than 70% of publishers to e.g. boost eCPMs, increase fill rates, and maximize ad revenues.


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The Power of Two

Digital Turbine

While the in-app purchase volume continues to grow alongside overall growth in the smartphone market, we also see US smartphone in-app purchase spending trends increasing at a slowing rate. . Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 20.73% during 2021-2027.

What is ad mediation?

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Ad mediation is the use of technology and tools for monetization that helps maximize display ad fill rates and eCPM for publishers. This way, they ensure publishers find the best available ads to fill their ad slots.

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Google integrated with DT FairBid to expand real-time bidding demand for apps

Digital Turbine

Google demand competing in real-time on DT FairBid can deliver a better fill rate, purchase inventory at the highest bidding price, and increase ad space value.

INEO Provides Corporate Update Demonstrating Record Quarterly Revenues and Increasing Sales Pipeline

Martech Series

“Growth in the fourth quarter is approaching 90% year-over-year despite the increasing interest rates, significant supply chain disruptions, inflationary concerns and other macroeconomic challenges currently affecting other companies around the globe.

In-App Header Bidding: How to make more money with it? [7 Benefits Included]

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Throughout the waterfall, inventory was allocated source to source until all addressable impressions were filled. When you combine that with the fact that more demand partners are bidding on your inventory, it means you’re going to get the best possible fill rates. Introduction.

What the Heck is a Unified Auction? 


Benefits of Unified Auctions: Creates efficiencies for publishers – unified auctions only require one ad call, lowering latency, increasing fill rates, and increasing yield by creating more competition for each impression.

Top 10 Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers [2022]

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CPM-based revenue sharing model with CPM rates ranging from $2 to $7 depending on whether it’s android or iOS operating system. Robust interstitial ad technology enables impactful transitioning of ads that are likely to have a high conversion rate.

Q&A with Meta Audience Network: Charting the Course from Waterfall to Bidding

Digital Turbine

Higher fill rates: 53%. Shifting from the inefficiency of waterfalls to bidding has created a more fair, open, and efficient ad ecosystem and is one of the most impactful changes we’ve seen in mobile app monetization over the last few years. .

Libsyn Debuts Automatic Ads Solution and Surpasses $50M in Advertising Earnings for Podcasters

Martech Series

The platform is already achieving scale despite the limited release, with more than 30 million monthly impressions being filled by advertising demand partners currently. The program optimizes fill-rates and CPMs in order to maximize earning potential for podcasters.

Google AdMob or Google Ad Manager/ AdX? Which monetization platform should you leverage?

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The disadvantage that comes with waterfall mediation is lower eCPMs and poor fill rates. The more the competition for ad inventory, the better the fill rate resulting in increased ad revenue for each ad unit.

What Is Ad Refresh? All That a Publisher Needs to Know

Ad Monsters

Before refreshing ad inventories, measure the engagement and fill rate. The ad tech industry is packed with several solutions (such as header bidding , A/B testing, etc.) to help publishers optimize their ad revenue.

33Across’ Lexicon Identity Solution Sees 15X Year over Year Growth in Daily Cookieless Revenue for Publishers

Martech Series

300% increase in fill rates and 150% increase in cookieless CPMs. The Arena Group has seen a massive improvement in unaddressable revenue with higher fill and CPMs.

What’s the difference between RPM and session RPMs (RPS)?

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RPS looks into critical factors impacting site monetization like ad viewability, fill rate, refresh rate, ad density, page speed, etc. In order to improve your overall session RPMs, always double-check how the fill rate, ad density, viewability, etc are coming up.

How do Advertisers Use Machine Learning to Buy Cheaper Impressions?


Publishers, on the other hand, want to get the most money from the impressions available, driving up both the prices and the fill rate.

Roads for Monetization are Clearer with CTRL Deal Forecasting


Users will also see the existing fill of those available requests broken out into three metrics; Impressions, Fill Rate, and CPM, from the previous day.

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Best Days of 2022 (with Printable) — Behind the Numbers with Brad


We do this by analyzing eCPM , which takes into account fill rate and CPM, by calendar day. Both CPM and fill rate are heavily influenced by seasonal advertising spend , when consumer activity increases and decreases cyclically. Happy New Year from Mediavine!

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CTV Publishers Benefit from Separated Demand and Tech Platforms


Throughout the industry, the pressure being put on publishers to bundle tech and demand partnerships is a signal that it is a good time to create new transparency and fairness standards for CTV.

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2022]

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They have a 100% fill rate in the UK and offer excellent CPM’s. Playwire does not fill 100% but offers excellent video and standard-size ads with high CPMs.

IAB Tech Lab Announces Ad Format Guidelines For Digital Video And Connected TV

Flashtalking by Mediaocean

This standardization of ad formats will enable publishers to scale their inventory more easily across different distribution channels, such as programmatic marketplaces or ad networks, which will deliver better fill rates,” said Anthony Katsur, CEO, IAB Tech Lab.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Time Bidding (RTB)

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Managing Remnant Inventory : This is one of the biggest challenges for most of all the publishers to fill all the ad units at all the time. This will help the publishers to fill all the ad inventory at any given point in time and help to generate revenue from each impression it is serving.

What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)? How Does RTB Work?

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Similarly, the publishers will be able to fill their ad inventory through ad exchanges from the premium advertisers maximize their revenue. Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology to trade the ad inventory on an impression basis through programmatic auctions.

A Publishers Guide to CTV Advertising: How to Get Started


Well, the process looks something like this: A viewer streams online content to their CTV device; The content comes with an ad slot that an advertisement has to fill; The advertiser purchases this specific slot if the viewer matches their target audience; The ad is then served to the viewer.

Programmatic advertising vs Direct Buying: Who’s the boss?

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In this case, auctions are not conducted and the ad inventory is sold at a fixed rate. Post that, the advertiser is allowed to display his ad creatives on the publisher’s ad inventory for a fixed rate & time.

10 Best OTT Advertising Platforms for Your Ad-Supported OTT Service


Some of the trackable metrics your chosen OTT advertising platform should have include fill rates, plays, impressions, CTR, and so on. Are you looking to monetize your OTT streaming service through advertisements?

RCPM for Publishers: Will it trump CPMs soon?

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You can calculate the revenue made in a CPM deal by multiplying the CPM rate divided by the no. In case, there’s a low fill rate with many unfilled impressions, that represents lost ad revenue that should be taken into account when determining the demand partners that need to be prioritized.

InMobi CEO bullish about prospects for independents in the advertising space


So maybe the prices are going to go down, but the fill rates are going to go up.” “The worst of what we anticipated is behind us.”

10 Best CTV Advertising Platforms for Publishers in 2022


For example, there is detailed performance tracking, which allows you to track impressions, fill rates, and more.

Programmatic Strategy for Publishers


Impressions filled. Fill rate %. Since it takes fill rate into account, this metric should be calculated manually using this formula: CPM = Revenue/(TOTAL IMPRESSIONS/1,000). 3,000,000 impressions filled. 2,000,000 impressions filled.

The Ultimate Pop-Under Ads Guide (update 2021)


Pre-landers can help improve conversion rates and ensure that only interested users get to the landing page. Furthermore, TwinRed is one of the few networks to have a 100% fill rate across the globe, so you will always get the amount and quality you paid for.

RUNative Review 2022: Advertiser or publisher? Get Started Here & Now!


Standard Banners are provided with a 100% fill rate and worldwide coverage for all the most popular formats: 250×150, 300×250, 300×100, 315×300, 728×90, 900×250.

AdsKeeper Review 2021: Advertiser or Publishers? We Got You Covered!


As we previously stated, AdsKeeper AI Entrepreneur tool automatically selects the best performing campaigns from the advertiser’s 1000s campaign database for your website traffic and thereby ensures a higher clickthrough rate, engagement, and revenue potential for higher publishers.

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What Is OTT Advertising and How Publishers Can Start With It


This data often consists of information like impressions, ad completion rates, and other first- and third-party data. OTT Video Ads Have Higher Completion Rates. Because of that, OTT ads have significantly higher completion rates than ads on the web.

Google Open Bidding: Is it better than Header Bidding?

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As a result, they should see a higher ad-fill rate and eCPM than if they were using Google Ad Exchange alone. The cookie matching rate is low for Open bidding and AdSense, but for Header bidding, it’s higher.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB): The Complete Guide 2021


Ad exchanges fill a similar role to ad networks , but these reduce the frills and simply the entire process. However, RTB lets publishers set up several monetization streams to make sure that fill rates are as high as possible.

Top 9 Best Native Advertising platforms you must know about!


Multiple advertising options Contextual ads Multiple opportunities (Web, Mobile, and App) Responsive inventory Real-time reporting system High rates Timely payments Best support Nativo Cons for Advertisers: Difficulty in using different fonts and colors; Creative takes time.