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Why Supply-Side Platform Fill Rate Is Just 1%


The standard fill rate for SSPs is 1%. The overwhelming majority of the time that a bid request is sent out by a supply-side platform, offering an opportunity to advertise on a publisher's website, no one responds. In other words, there is just a 1% chance that a bid request sent out by an SSP.

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Ad Fill Rate: Everything You Need to Know


Ad fill rate: What is it | How to improve | How to calculate | Is 100% fill rate good | And everything else publishers want to know about it.


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Troubleshooting Low Fill Rate


This includes when your fill rate drops below your normal or desired frequency. There are several factors that can impact fill rate, including the type of ad format being used, ad viewability, and economic conditions.

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How App Publishers Can Boost Both Ad Fill Rates and Average eCPMs


Many app publishers today struggle to improve the average eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) and ad fill rates they receive from the ads served to their users. Are there steps they can take to make sure all potential ad placements are filled and that every single ad unit is boosting the bottom line?

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5 Ways to Keep Your Ad Network Fill Rate Close to 100

Smarty Ads

No matter how good is your CPM, a poor ad network fill rate is a drag on your website monetization. If you send 5M ad requests but receive only 2.5M of impressions in return, you don’t use your inventory to the fullest. This is like driving a.

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“Call Ad Again” — How and Why to Use This Feature

Not only do they drive your fill rate down, but by extension, they also impact your ad revenue. We can think of several reasons: Higher Fill Rates — By placing an additional ad call after the first unsuccessful one for the same slot, you are doubling your chances of serving an ad, resulting in higher ad fill rates overall.

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Privacy Sandbox: What’s Wrong With Video?

Ad Monsters

The proposed changes to video creative delivery and rendering require big changes across the ad ecosystem and if something isn’t done it will heavily impact publisher fill rates and revenue. If you know anything about VAST is that it throws errors plenty of times, you need to have fallbacks in place to account for that.

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