September, 2022

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Let's Talk About Brand is a weekly conversation where host and personal branding coach Christine Gritmon interviews guest experts about different elements of branding--with a focus on how people can incorporate these lessons into their own personal brands.

What is AI in Marketing: Growing Trends in Coming Years

Ad Rants

From traditional marketing to the current age of digital marketing, a lot has changed in the last two decades in terms of adopting customer-focused marketing strategies and bringing in technologies.


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A New competitor: AWS CodeWhisperer

The Ad Tech Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I requested access to AWS CodeWhisperer. Today I’ve got a Preview Access Code. After paying for Copilot’s annual license and using it for a time, I have some expectations about CodeWhisperer.

38 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Single Grain

At one time, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these are some of the top digital marketing trends. And why wouldn’t they be?

As The Open Web Becomes More Real, Will Google Be The First To Fall?


Arnaud CréputCEO“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Arnaud Créput, CEO of Equativ. Google’s latest legislative dodge has fallen flat.

The Taste Of B t …

Rob Campbell

I’ve written a ton about brand purpose over the years. Not as viciously as my beloved Martin Weigel. But close.

Brands Risk Being Caught in the Crossfire of New EU Political Ad Regulations, Industry Bodies Warn


The impending regulations from the European Union (EU) regarding political advertising messages could have repercussions for brands who risk their marketing messages getting caught up under the loose--and overlapping--definitions, industry bodies have warned.

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But first, we need to talk about it

Seth Godin

People don’t talk about end-of-life suffering or the cost of healthcare in the last year of life, so it never gets better. Instead, we pretend it isn’t an issue and the problem persists.

4 Types of SEO Analysis & How to Do Them (Step-by-Step)

Single Grain

Conducting an SEO analysis can yield important insights about how your site is performing and, thus, where to improve. Since you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you know that already. But what exactly is an search engine optimization analysis?

SEO 112

Fintech Is Banking On Influencers For Brand Building


It makes sense that brands in sexy verticals like fashion and hair care turn to social media influencers. But banking brands hire influencers, too.

Amazon ads top engagement ranking, but TikTok holds innovation crown

Marketing Dive

Consumers surveyed by Kantar favored “real-world” advertising for the third year running, but brand investment plans remain focused on digital

Walmart Makes Metaverse Debut With Roblox Experiences


Walmart is making its first foray into the metaverse with a pair of new experiences on gaming platform Roblox.


How to Properly Execute a Lead Gen Strategy in Two Months

Ad Rants

What should be the first step in your lead generation process? How can you increase the number of leads coming into your system, and convert them into customers? While selling more to your current customers is one way to grow your business, you also must reach new clients at the same time.

Cultural distress (and consumerism)

Seth Godin

For decades, marketers (and politicians) have been working to amplify cultural distress, a hack on our emotions. Not the tragic emotional distress of being unable to care for your kids, find a place to live or deal with trauma, but the invented cultural distress of modern industrialized societies.

Be Metallica, Not The Eagles …

Rob Campbell

I was recently in a client meeting where we had a discussion about ‘scale’ The person in question was suggesting – as many do – that the only way to achieve it was to make sure you offer something for everyone.

Gaming Companies Are Levelling Up Their Ad Offerings


Gaming company Roblox has unveiled plans to integrate adverts into its virtual environments, starting next year. Roblox is a social gaming platform, similar to Minecraft, except it allows users to develop individual games and invite friends to roam around the virtual worlds they build.

60% of CMOs to cut marketing analytics teams by 2023, Gartner predicts

Marketing Dive

A survey calls out inefficiencies in data-driving marketing, which has seen rising importance but effectiveness hampered by cognitive bias and cherry-picking

Augmented Reality Drives Consumer Confidence During a Recession


Editor's note: This column is part of a series with Snap on augmented reality. Below, global director of insights and analytics Lauryl Schraedly describes how different types of AR activations have different capacities to reenvision your retail and ecommerce strategies.

Striking The Balance Between Privacy And Performance


Sponsored post byErin MadorskyUS Chief Strategy OfficerMiQSPONSORED BY:Life is about balance. Day and night, predator and prey, birth and death. Many view these as opposites, but I consider them counterweights that keep our world in balance.

A reallocation of respect

Seth Godin

Who gets the benefit of the doubt? Who is treated with dignity? You would think that this shouldn’t be scarce. When the pool of respect is widened, no one is harmed. And yet, cultural status roles have ingrained biases all around us.


Budweiser kicks off World Cup bid – with own goal

More About Advertising

The Qatar World Cup is almost upon us – another disaster waiting to happen surely – and official beer Budweiser is out of the blocks with Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr and Raheem Sterling entering the arena via the tunnel.

The WIR: Netflix Ad Prices Emerge, Nielsen Goes Private, and Samsung Doubles Down on FAST


In this week’s Week in Review: Rumours circulate around the cost of advertising on Netflix, Nielsen shareholders approve its sale to private equity, and Samsung revamps its streaming service. Top Stories. Netflix Ad Rumours Spell Value for Consumers, Costly for Brands.

CPM 98

E-commerce apps lose pandemic luster

Marketing Dive

New research shows downloads and marketing spending is declining amid shifts in consumer behaviors, data privacy changes and recession fears

Why the Surprising Rise of Direct Mail Is No Surprise at All


Take a closer look at the performance marketing industry and you'll notice everyone trying to catch the next consumer headwind and ride every percentage uptick as long as possible. We're constantly riding a wave of data--response rates, conversion rates, abandon rates--all in the name of better ROI.

Metaverse Marketing Gets A Reality Check At IAB Audience Connect


Advertisers who are actively testing metaverse marketing had some tough truths for the nascent media channel at the IAB’s Audience Connect event in New York City this week.

Constraints are a gift

Seth Godin

“If only” is a soothing refrain. If only the constraints were lifted, and the things that are scarce were abundant. If only the barriers were lifted and there was more time or fewer obstacles… That’s a trap.


Nike pays tribute to Serena Williams as she bows out in style

More About Advertising

Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Nike have crafted a fitting tribute to Serena Williams, which was pushed out on social media just moments after her defeat at the US Open on Friday night. Nike’s line is, “By changing nothing, she changed everything.”

Media 96

Longhorn Athletes to Benefit from New NIL Deal with Wrangler


University of Texas football coach Steve Sarkisian received a six-year deal worth $34.2 million when he was hired on Jan. 2, 2021. The school’s athletic department brings in over $200M per year. College sports is big business in Texas and across the nation, which is news to no one.

What Starbucks’ bet on NFTs says about the future of loyalty

Marketing Dive

The chain's renowned rewards program adds a buzzy new value-grab, potentially laying a course for other marketers to follow

Nike and Zendaya Honor Serena Williams: ‘By Changing Nothing, She Changed Everything’


As Serena Williams wraps up her historic tennis career, some of her biggest brand partners are taking a moment to celebrate her legacy both on and off the court.

IAB Tech Lab Will Release Its First Stab At Clean Room Standards By December


Data clean rooms are to 2022 what customer data platforms were to 2019: Everyone’s talking about them, but people don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about. One reason for the uncertainty is that there are no standards that define exactly what a clean room is or how it should operate.


The proximity hack

Seth Godin

We evolved to care about things that were close by or in the near future. That makes sense. It’s a useful survival skill in a primitive world. Today, though, our instinct for the close and the imminent is being used against us.

Media 90

Brands maintain a low key presence in wake of Queen’s death – but for how long?

More About Advertising

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, the mood for marketers has mostly been to stay quiet.

How Do I Fix Low-Click Search Terms on Amazon PPC?

Ad Badger

Low clicks on your search terms are the bane of your existence as an Amazon PPC advertiser. Ideally, you’d want. Read More How Do I Fix Low-Click Search Terms on Amazon PPC? The post How Do I Fix Low-Click Search Terms on Amazon PPC? appeared first on Ad Badger.

Puma’s first metaverse experience ties NFTs to NYFW

Marketing Dive

Following a New York Fashion Week show, consumers who minted the brand’s Nitropass can burn their NFT and claim physical sneakers

Looking for a New CMO? Look No Further Than Your Social Media Manager


There is a perpetual discourse around social media managers: Are they the wizards of the online realm, or are they just interns who know how to make cool videos? Love us or hate us, you can't do without us. Social media is crucial to all businesses. Worldwide, 4.48

Media 242

Why Internet Privacy Needs A Federal Law


Jason BierGeneral Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.