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Email marketing is dying: 3 actions to help it survive (and thrive)


customer satisfaction score, or CSAT) are far more likely than peers to outperform their performance targets. ., revenue generated per email, cost per click) and relationship metrics (e.g., Email marketing will probably never truly die, but it will diminish in value to businesses if we continue down the path we’re on.

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Why Sell-Side Targeting Matters Now More Than Ever


Amid this uncertainty, it is imperative that advertising technology companies continue to push the envelope and deliver innovative, high-performing targeting solutions that help buyers navigate a fast-evolving landscape. And, new privacy laws in several US states will impact how advertisers find and engage with consumers online.


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TikTok Amps Up E-Commerce with US Warehouse Plans


The Financial Times then revealed an “exodus of staff” from TikTok’s e-commerce department in London, following reports of aggressive working conditions and unrealistic performance targets. Ticked off. Meanwhile in the US the company faces scrutiny over its handling of user data.

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Connected TV Holds the Keys to the Data Engine


Audience segment reporting provides nuanced information about top-performing targets. “This is especially useful in instances where you might not receive the same level of granularity from reporting that you may with CTV,” Guttroff highlighted. Guttroff then got into the details of some of the insights that CTV can provide.

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Linear + CTV: Future-Proofing Your Media Strategy

Digital Remedy

With automatic content recognition (ACR) technology built into these devices, smart TVs are able to identify nearly any content—including linear and CTV—playing on-screen and serve as grounds for immense data collection, helping advertisers with: Measuring viewership and performance Targeting and ACR retargeting ads to specific audience segments Building (..)

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Media Buying Briefing: How TikTok agencies work — and why they don’t fear a U.S. ban of the app


What makes the agency different from a traditional approach is not performing targeted advertising, Tsvyrava explained. She said HypeFactory tries to partner directly with creators that match the goals of the brands they are collaborating with on campaigns.

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RichPush Review: Why choose RichPush push ad network?


RichPush team is constantly developing the platform implementing new features to drive users’ performance. Target CPA This feature identifies sources that convert better and make them prior to the sources converting worse. This way the campaign can get more conversions for the targeted price.