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Stuck in ‘Experimental’: Why Snap’s Growth Bets on AR Look Uncertain


Snap's tumultuous few weeks may have been a surprise for Wall Street, but not so much for the advertisers making up the bulk of the platform's revenue. Adweek spoke to five media buyers, none of which said their clients had increased their investment in Snap in 2022.

But first, we need to talk about it

Seth Godin

People don’t talk about end-of-life suffering or the cost of healthcare in the last year of life, so it never gets better. Instead, we pretend it isn’t an issue and the problem persists.


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Amazon ads top engagement ranking, but TikTok holds innovation crown

Marketing Dive

Consumers surveyed by Kantar favored “real-world” advertising for the third year running, but brand investment plans remain focused on digital

Nike pays tribute to Serena Williams as she bows out in style

More About Advertising

Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Nike have crafted a fitting tribute to Serena Williams, which was pushed out on social media just moments after her defeat at the US Open on Friday night. Nike’s line is, “By changing nothing, she changed everything.”

Media 96

LinkedIn Adds More Ways to Keep Members Informed About Potential Job Matches


LinkedIn rolled out several tools last week aimed at keeping its members abreast of potential job opportunities. The professional network added a Hiring in Your Network section to its Jobs Home tab.


Cultural distress (and consumerism)

Seth Godin

For decades, marketers (and politicians) have been working to amplify cultural distress, a hack on our emotions. Not the tragic emotional distress of being unable to care for your kids, find a place to live or deal with trauma, but the invented cultural distress of modern industrialized societies.

Puma’s first metaverse experience ties NFTs to NYFW

Marketing Dive

Following a New York Fashion Week show, consumers who minted the brand’s Nitropass can burn their NFT and claim physical sneakers

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Working With Creators of Color for The First Time? Adjust Your KPIs


Diversity, representation and inclusivity have significantly improved in the influencer marketing space over the past few years. If brands want to succeed in today's crowded marketing landscape, working with the same type of influencers over and over again is no longer an option.

Constraints are a gift

Seth Godin

“If only” is a soothing refrain. If only the constraints were lifted, and the things that are scarce were abundant. If only the barriers were lifted and there was more time or fewer obstacles… That’s a trap.


Pepsi’s branded tiny home delivers tricked-out NFL fan cave

Marketing Dive

The Pepsi 18 Week Pack is part of a sweepstakes run through Instacart, an increasingly important e-commerce partner for the longtime league sponsor

Netflix And Microsoft Is A Partnership Built On Bundling


In mid-July, Netflix announced a partnership with Microsoft, selecting the tech giant for its new advertising and sales agency. Odd, right? The obvious choice was Google, especially with the push for cookieless data. But there’s more than meets the eye to this partnership.

Open Style Lab Brings Adaptive Fashion to the New York Fashion Week Runway


Like many major industry events, New York Fashion Week is not regularly considered as the forefront of accessibility and inclusive design. However, a new runway show featuring the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community is aiming to bring the fashion world--and its standards--into modernity.

The Industry Reacts to Apple Seeding Ad Expansion


While all eyes have been on Netflix’s burgeoning ad business , Apple has been quietly sizing up a slice of the advertising pie.

Wendy’s latest ‘Rick and Morty’ crossover opens portal to Uber Eats

Marketing Dive

Delivery continues to be a focus of the partnership as the reference-heavy Adult Swim series enshrines its place in the pop culture conversation

The Ad Tech Company That Keeps Getting Acquired By Brands


Personalization platform Dynamic Yield has the distinction of having been acquired by not one but two large brands. McDonald’s bought Dynamic Yield in 2019 for roughly $300 million dollars to help modernize and personalize its drive-thru experience, outdoor menus and digital ordering kiosks.

Wendy’s Returns Something Important That Was Taken From Reggie Bush


Wendy's is going all in on college football season in a campaign whose goal is to highlight the limited reintroduction of the Pretzel Pub Bacon Cheeseburger. The brand enlisted former college football star (and current NCAA commentator) Reggie Bush to lead the play for the temporary menu item.

Food 236

Top 7 Most Effective Standard Banner Sizes

Smarty Ads

Limited budgets often stipulate advertisers to rethink display advertising efficiency so they pay more attention to standard banner ads. In 2021 banner ads reached US$ 141, 29 billion, and today more than 60% of banner ads within the Google display network are shown on mobile devices. Media Buying

UFC taps IRL as its official group messaging platform

Marketing Dive

A new campaign promotes live conversations between athletes and the mixed martial arts organization’s global fan base of 690 million

Is There Still Hope For A Federal Privacy Bill This Year?


The US is long overdue for a federal privacy law, but the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) might not be it. At least not in its current form.


The NFL’s Opening Weekend Is an All-Out Brand Blitz


Welcome to the 2022 National Football League season, when brands begin their slow march through the schedule toward the big payoff at Super Bowl 57. The biggest game in all of sports marketing is just beginning. In 2021, more than 25 million people watched the NFL's Thursday night kickoff game.

Food 236

A few Gannett employees hold protest over recent layoffs


A few unionized Gannett employees stood outside Citi’s Global Technology Conference in New York City on Friday morning to get the attention of Gannett CEO Mike Reed inside the Hilton Hotel in Midtown.

Media 79

Mediahub partners with LandVault to showcase value in Web3 strategies

Marketing Dive

The media agency is boosting its metaverse know-how by co-developing an RFP and launching a new practice

The TCF’s Future Will Be Decided By The EU’s High Court


The fate of consent strings hangs in the balance – but don’t expect a quick resolution.

LinkedIn Teams Up With IBM, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle on Third-Party Certification



Why Audio is Digital Advertising’s Fastest Growing Category


“Did you hear the one about audio advertising? The conversion rates will be music to your ears!”. …OK, so terrible puns aside, there’s no denying that digital audio—and digital audio advertising—is having a moment.

It’s time for the next “real talk” within affiliate marketing

Marketing Dive

Taking the next step in changing the narrative around affiliate and partner marketing

The Rise Of ‘TikTokalytics’ Startups


Call it the rise of TikTokalytics. A group of young attribution and analytics startups, the newest wielding particular talent on TikTok, have inherited the Earth from multi-touch attribution (MTA) companies. A couple are more experienced startups.


Formula Brand Bobbie and Ashley Graham Team to Break Stigmas Surrounding Combo-Feeding


The respective stigmas around breastfeeding or using formula often dominate conversations around infant care, pressuring parents to definitively choose one option or the other.

What Is PPID and How Does It Benefit Publishers?

Ad Monsters

Leveraging first-party data is not a new concept within the ad tech industry, but the practice has become much more vital with each new privacy regulation regulating the collection, usage, and sharing of consumer data. .

As the NFL season kicks off, advertisers draw from a new playbook

Marketing Dive

Fans are front and center in the latest football-related campaigns, with players taking a backseat as marketers try to address a fragmented audience

Sephora Won’t Be The Last Brand Whose Data Foundation Needs A Touch-Up


Cory MunchbachPresident and COO “Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Cory Munchbach, president and COO of BlueConic.


Kanye West and the Double-Edged Sword of Influencer Partnerships


Kanye West has a love-hate relationship with the brands he partners with. It's mostly hate if we are being honest. The latest spats with Adidas and Gap are perfect examples. West partnered with Adidas back in 2014, and signed a 10-year deal with Gap in 2020.


How G Fuel’s toxic working environment made the energy drink brand’s influencer marketers jump ship


On June 16, the gaming and esports energy drink company G Fuel let go seven of its talent managers, one day after five of them contacted HR to report their CEO’s use of offensive language to describe both current and former employees during a meeting.

Tom Brady asks Gen Z athletes to ditch toxic comparisons in Under Armour ads

Marketing Dive

A star-studded campaign subverts “Be Like Mike” sports marketing tropes to instead encourage up-and-comers to focus squarely on themselves

Snap’s Market Cap Conundrum; Publishers Whistle Through The Downturn


Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Be There In A Snap Snapchat is an example of how having huge engagement and high user numbers can’t necessarily offset an online ad platform that isn’t seen as a performance channel.

Beyoncé Wants You to ‘Lose Yourself in Love’ With Tiffany & Co.


Beyonc? intends to extend her summer reign well into the fall and beyond with a new campaign from Tiffany & Co. that also does some good for aspiring students in the creative arts. On Sept.

OpenWrap for Mobile App Interoperability


Apple’s iOS 14.5 Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) changes had a huge impact on the mobile app monetization ecosystem. Apps now must get users’ consent to have access to IDFA, resulting in a massive reduction in IDFA coverage for iOS apps.