Sat.Nov 26, 2022

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Contractors and Employees

The Ad Tech Blog

In today’s market, there are companies paying between $40-80 per hour to contractors. Let’s say you are going through Series B and need to expand your team to 100 engineers. That would be a total of $128k per month, $1.53M per year. The remote workforce cost is increasingly getting closer to what you would pay for a US-based engineer ( average of $122k.). There is one key difference to notice here : you are hiring contractors, so by definition, they are more expensive than employees.

Ad Tech 127
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Winners and losers of Black Friday 2022

Marketing Dive

With inflation looming, consumers waited until the shopping event to get deals on categories like electronics and sought out financing options such as buy now, pay later

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You left out the all caps part

Seth Godin

If you see a set of rules that don’t make sense, that are overly stern, that seemed designed to be offputting instead of helpful, it’s possible that the poster is leaving part of the memo unsaid: It could be something like: THE LAST CUSTOMER WAS UNFAIR AND UNKIND!