Sat.Jun 08, 2024

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Ethical AI Frameworks for Advertising Standards

The Ad Tech Blog

Understanding Ethical AI in Advertising Summary As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more integrated into marketing strategies, the importance of ethical considerations cannot be overstated. Here are key takeaways: Transparency and accountability are crucial in AI-driven marketing to build trust with consumers. Protecting privacy and data is a top priority, requiring strict security measures and clear consent protocols.

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An overlooked and powerful editing tool

Seth Godin

Consider building a word cloud of your writing. It might be all the text on your website, or the last 50 emails you sent. It might be your new book or the speech you’re going to give at Rice University. It only takes a few minutes. I use because it’s easy and free. Click the ‘word list’ menu and ‘extract words from text’ Paste in your text (it can handle an entire book) and it will generate a word cloud.