April, 2022

Waiting for the metaverse? The revolution is already here

Venture Beat

Get active in AR/VR/XR marketing to entertain your audiences and keep your brand top-of-mind creativity revolution in the metaverse. Read More. AR/VR Consumer DataDecisionMakers Marketing Social category-/Online Communities/Virtual Worlds content marketing Metaverse

Leo Burnett Receives Four Grand Clios for their Gun Control Work


Since 1963, nearly 193,000 children and teens have been killed with guns on American soil—more than four times the number of U.S. soldiers killed in action in the Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars combined, according to Children’s Defense Fund.


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Martech in the metaverse: 5 takeaways from a lively roundtable discussion

Chief Martech

What is the metaverse? What will it mean for marketing and martech? Last week, I led a roundtable discussion with three leaders of martech companies — Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi , Wistia CEO Chris Savage , and Persado COO Assaf Baciu — to consider these questions from several different perspectives.

Matt Sotebeer Joins Digital Remedy as Chief Strategy Officer

Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy officially announced that Matt Sotebeer has joined its leadership team as a part of the company’s growth strategy for 2022 and beyond. .

GumGum partrners with Ad Council to support Ukraine

Marketing Tech News

GumGum, a contextual-first advertising technology company, is working with the Ad Council on a new disaster and crisis relief effort that encourages audiences to give financial donations to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund through GlobalGiving.

OpenRTB 2.6 is ready for Implementation

IAB Tech Lab

OpenRTB 2.6 is the latest update to the industry’s standard communication protocol. The recent additions to OpenRTB 2.6

The critical question about the metaverse that no one is asking

Venture Beat

When tech giants make people addicted to the metaverse, marketers will do what they do best: exploit data, time and privacy for profit. Read More.

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37. Blagica Bottigliero – going into Orbitz, social and affiliates

Paleo AdTech

Blagica (blah’-gee-tsa) is a two-decade deep web pioneer and currently Director of Affiliate Marketing at JEB Commerce. Her journey began when, inspired by her fictional childhood idol Angela Bower of “ Who’s the Boss?

Brand-Safe Buy Now Pay Later Advertising in 2022


Imagine shopping online without having to pay for things right away but also without having to use your credit card or applying for a loan…. A few years ago it would be considered by many a wishful thinking, but today it’s just as simple as ever.

Lumo’s ‘flight shame’, Brew City, what3words and more: creative ads of the week


Advertising competes for our attention. We tend to ignore it as we have more important issues occupying our minds. Add to it the general clutter of media and we have to appreciate creative ads which get noticed and stay memorable.

Media 80

Why we care about AI in marketing


To engage customers in a personal way, at a very large scale, AI or machine learning is essential. Chatbots and intelligent assistants are already leading client interactions, and AI-generated content is around the corner.

How to use web scraping for marketing and product analytics

Venture Beat

Qualitative research techniques like web scraping can help to reveal the competitors' advantages and explores the target audience's desires. Read More.

Cannabis Brand Develops New Show for VICE TV


Weedmaps is producing a new, original cannabis-centric docuseries called Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike. Hosted by rapper and activist Killer Mike, the series was produced by Wheelhouse DNA and Wheelhouse Labs and distributed through VICE Media Group.

Media 91

A Focus on Customer Value Benefits the Entire Programmatic Ecosystem – and is Shaping the Future


Delivering customer value is predicated first and foremost on listening. As Rocky Balboa told the young Adonis Creed, “You can’t learn anything when you’re talking. That’s a fact of life.”

The Rising Occurrence Of CTV ad Fraud: How to Protect Your CTV Inventory?

Smarty Ads

The rapid adoption of connected television viewing is one of the changes induced by the COVID pandemic. People have discovered that watching television and other media content across various devices, at any time and on the go, is more convenient.

Media 76

A hilarious Thai ad for lending app, understated yet powerful ad for Irish jewellery brand and more: creative ads of the week


Advertising competes for our attention. We tend to ignore it as we have more important issues occupying our minds. Add to it the general clutter of media and we have to appreciate creative ads which get noticed and stay memorable.

Media 77

The best times to engage on social media


The quality of the content you publish on social media channels matters, but so does when you post it. That may be obvious; what is less obvious is that the optimum times for publishing can change from year to year.

Why NFTs should be seen as worldbuilding opportunities for brands

Venture Beat

Here's what brands and marketers should learn from thriving NFT communities: NFTs are Web3 access keys to new worlds and franchises. Read More. Business DataDecisionMakers Marketing technology blockchain category-/News cryptocurrency Metaverse NFTs

In Mythical Malibu, You Can “Do Whatever Tastes Good”


Visual candy in an ad solves the first rule of attraction—get people to drop whatever they’re doing and pay attention to the brand instead. In this new “Welcome to Malibu” commercial from Malibu Rum and Wieden+Kennedy London, the visual candy on display makes it hard to look away.

Food 88

Ever busy St Luke’s wins another account – fintech HyperJar

More About Advertising

London agency St Luke’s has won another of the new fintech apps, HyperJar which lets people budget for separate things in “jars,” food, clothes, petrol etc. St Luke’s’ remit includes a new brand creative platform and a summer TV campaign.

Food 75

10+ ways to visualize your martech stack

Chief Martech

This is the 8th year we’re running The Stackies. It’s an awards program that invites marketers to share a single slide illustrating their martech stack — the different apps and platforms they use and how they conceptualize them working together.

Five Ways Digital Attribution Can Improve ROAS for CTV/OTT Advertising

Digital Remedy

The CTV/OTT space presents many advantages for B2B marketers, including clear targets, ideal buyer profiles, and precise targeting strategies.

How to implement a buyer-first digital strategy across departments


“The past two years have wreaked havoc on [marketing] pipelines and exacerbation around getting clean, intelligent data, and passing that data to sales,” said Stephanie Swinyer, head of revenue marketing at Integrate, in her presentation at The MarTech Conference.

Less can be more with hyper-personalization

Venture Beat

Customers want hyper-personalization: information that's relevant and customized for their unique, rapidly changing needs. Read More.

In the Metaverse, Speculators Pursue Their Virtual Dream States


It’s 2022. You no longer need to be governed by physical constraints. Today, you can enter the metaverse, inhabit a virtual body, live in a virtual home, and interact with other avatars in a world of make-believe.


7 search advertising problems that can be solved with custom programmatic solutions


Search advertising has been the industry’s go-to strategy for a long time now. Some advertisers perceive it as the most intuitive form of marketing, and it has been widely used by numerous brands. But there is a plot twist.

Martech is consolidating, but what will the 2022 landscape reveal?

Chief Martech

Next Tuesday, May 3 — Martech Day ! — we’ll release the 2022 marketing technology landscape, along with a State of Martech report. You can be one of the first to see it and learn about the major trends it reveals by joining Frans Riemersma and me for a live webinar at 11am Eastern.

Writing for the Revolution: Marketing Content for Electric Vehicles

Aronson Ads

At Aronson Advertising, we do a lot of market research. We’re always looking at developing trends and ways to improve results for our clients. And arguably the biggest trend in the auto industry right now is, of course, the focus on electric vehicles, or EVs.

How do you prioritize measurement in a privacy-first world?


Effective measurement is a fundamental pillar of all marketing. Targeting the right audience on the right channels and measuring the right performance metrics is core to any successful marketing program. But measurement is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s privacy-first world.

Brands, music and the metaverse

Venture Beat

Nowadays, music companies aren’t limited to audio-only releases or music videos. What new opportunities exist as they move to the metaverse? Read More.

How Local Advertisers Benefit from Cross-Channel Activation & Measurement


Ten years ago, when digital advertising was in its infancy, large brands and national advertisers used Google AdWords and display ads to attract customers. These same advertisers are using hundreds of different ad channels to reach their audience today.

Google’s Universal Analytics Is Becoming GA4: Here’s What You Need to Know (& Do)

Spoton Digital Media

Most anyone with a website uses Google Analytics to collect data on how people use your website and digital properties. If you do as well, you need to know Google Analytics is moving away from what we are currently using with Universal Analytics and into Google Analytics 4.

Media 70

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing: A 2022 Guide

Ad Espresso

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways people earned money online — online referral programs existed about 15 years before modern social media was even a thing. Affiliate marketing is also one of the most profitable ways to earn money as a content creator. Want proof? Here’s some: U.S.

Postclick Appoints Mark McKenna as Chief Executive Officer

Ad Tech Daily

Worldwide spend on marketing to hit $4.7 trillion by 2025


Annual worldwide spending on marketing continues to increase and will reach $4.7 trillion by 2025, according to a Forrester report. This is an increase of $1.1 trillion from 2021 to 2025, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% — substantially above the 5% CAGR from 2015 to 2019.

AWS CMO Rachel Thornton on the future of customer-obsessed marketing in 2022

Venture Beat

Join the CMO of AWS to discover what’s ahead for the intersection of customer marketing and technology in 2022 and the future of your team. Read More.

How Small and Startup Brands Can Leverage OTT/CTV to Drive Sales

Digital Remedy

Search and social platforms, like Meta and Google, have set a high bar for campaign performance expectations. There are hundreds of emerging direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in every product category, so how can smaller brands stand out?

Media 65