Sun.Sep 18, 2022

Adweek’s 2022 Experiential Awards: Celebrating the Best Innovative Activations


Last year, it was a bit of a struggle to honor innovative and breakthrough IRL campaigns, given that the world was still largely hunkered down during the pandemic.


Best Consent Management Platforms for 2022


The importance of consent management platforms (CMPs) within the ad tech ecosystem is on a skyrocketing trajectory. In 2016, you had Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Two years later, you had the ?? California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


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With His New Global Media Company, Kevin Hart Shakes Up Hollywood—and Madison Avenue


There's being stretched thin, and then there's Kevin Hart's current schedule. The actor/comedian/media mogul/entrepreneur extraordinaire is phoning in for a chat at the end of yet another overstuffed day. That morning, he flew to Atlanta from Charlotte, N.C.,

Media 207

Is CTV Ad Buying Heading To Open Exchanges?


Just because the media world has gone fully digital doesn’t mean we need to impose early digital models and constraints on every opportunity, said Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO of Tatari.

Media 76

Experiential Captivates Consumers as Brands and Agencies Eye the Next Big Collaboration


There isn't a single farmer on staff at TBWAChiatDay N.Y., but that didn't stop the agency from creating a program for Lay's called Golden Grounds that had roots--literally--in the soil.

Agency 206

The last 1%

Seth Godin

If you apply for something with a 99% rejection rate (which is more common than it sounds–job openings, sales pitches, fellowships, journals, etc.) that’s pretty close to 100%. Something with a 99% certainty is generally considered a sure thing. Hence this Journal , which promises to reject every single person who submits an article. The absurdity of it is the point. Submitting to them feels effortless and without a lot of drama, because you know you’re going to get rejected.


The Promise And Perils Of Advertising; California Toughens Consumer Tech Rules When Kids Are On


Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Can’t Spell “Bad” Without … An ad platform seems like an easy addition. “We We have white space and eyeballs. Why not?” But the tradeoffs are always more complicated.

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How Estonia’s digital evolution could set it up for the metaverse


Since 2014, Estonia has been in the midst of a self-described “ digital transformation.”


‘Don’t Don’t Yourself’ for Pinterest and other top creative ads of the week


Advertising competes for our attention. We tend to ignore it as we have more important issues occupying our minds. Add to it the general clutter of media and we have to appreciate creative ads which get noticed and stay memorable.

Media 56

From Starbucks to sailing leagues, Web3 loyalty programs are being tested more broadly


As more brands toy with NFT-based loyalty programs, coffee shops and sailboats could soon be the next acid tests for whether the promises of Web3 are compelling enough for users to sign up.

What is Ad Tech? How does it work?


Below is the comprehensive guide about what is ad tech, ad tech basics and details on how they benefit both publishers and advertisers. It is estimated that ad tech industries are set to grow from $438bn in 2021 to $1 trillion in 2030, forecasts GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Why some want companies to spend more with Black-owned businesses


Some Black-owned publishers have seen an increase in ad revenue after some agencies started spending more on their channels. However, securing — and maintaining that funding — remains a challenge for many Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

ROI 58

Infographic: Who’s Advertising in a ‘Very Mixed Economy’?


Advertisers, like consumers, are operating in what Advertiser Perceptions' Stuart Schneiderman describes as a "very mixed economy."

WTF are frequency caps?


Ad-supported streaming audiences complain about being besieged by the same ads over and over again. This streaming ad overexposure issue has also aggravated advertisers that want their campaigns to attract customers, not annoy them.

‘Gaming is very much here to stay’: Why Axe body spray is taking a bigger swing at esports marketing


Axe body spray is dedicating more ad dollars to esports, gaming and entertainment-based marketing channels to attract a bigger share of Gen Z shoppers. Axe isn’t alone in its push into esports and online gaming.

How publishers are circumventing the rising cost of in-person events


With summer in the rearview mirror, in-person events are in full swing this fall. But a number of publishers have found the costs associated with hosting such events have gone up as a result of inflation and the lasting impacts of the pandemic.

Media Buying Briefing: How influencers became the new power brokers for media agencies


Influencers have quietly become the new power brokers of media. Whether it’s through social media or livestream platforms, these content creators have become cultural ambassadors across food, sports, skincare, gaming and much more.

Media 57

Publishers are struggling to keep commerce shops open, but creating brand identity in products holds promise


Online commerce shops aren’t turning out to be the golden ticket to revenue diversification that some publishers were expecting.