Sun.Sep 25, 2022

The parts between

Seth Godin

Listen to one musician’s track in isolation on any record (like this one ) and you might be amazed at how trivial they sound. Paul McCartney, one of the great bass players, in one the great groups of all time–it sounds a bit like a school music recital. But we don’t listen to the tracks in isolation, because the isolation isn’t the point. Human beings care about harmonies. About originality. About the tension that comes from the new.


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White glove service

Seth Godin

It’s not about the gloves. The pointlessness of the white gloves is actually a big part of it. Good service meets expectations. It is the fulfillment of a promise to the customer. White glove service goes far beyond that. It is designed to surprise and delight. It creates a connection with the recipient that goes beyond a simple transaction, already paid for. It is a signal of care and respect, of gratitude and abundance.