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Keurig Dr Pepper Demands 360-Day Payment Terms in PR Agency RFP


Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) completed a U.S. PR review of its water, tea and juice portfolio this week after kicking off the RFP process on Oct.

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How to build an engaging career path

The Ad Tech Blog

The following is my take on seniority levels. Junior engineers are very productive. They are eager to try new technologies, and once they do, they move fast. They are very optimistic, so they don’t test their code thoroughly. They need a clear goal or will procrastinate. Semi-senior engineers are comfortable with specific design patterns/technologies. They know how to set goals and unblock themselves.


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Inside Bidstack’s Plan To Build An SSP For In-Game Ads


An interview withJames DraperFounder and CEOBrands are starting to look at video games as an inventory source, but there’s no scaled programmatic infrastructure to help aggregate supply in video games.


Don’t rush

Seth Godin

Hurry, sure. We need to hurry. Hurry puts it up on our priority list. Hurry gives us urgency and focus. But rushing is something that leads to errors and then apologies. “I’m sorry, I rushed it,” is not something we want to hear. But hurry


SafeOpts Guide to maximizing your ecommerce traffic

Marketing Dive

Getting traffic to your store is hard, so use these proven strategies to maximize conversions and sales

Fake Brand Accounts Are Also a Problem for Twitter’s Emerging Rivals


Following Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover of Twitter and the subsequent layoffs and policy changes that have followed, impersonator brand accounts have been on the rise. But it's not a unique issue to the bluebird app. Twitter's emerging challengers also host fake accounts posing as global brands.

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Playbooks and Runbooks

The Ad Tech Blog

The most outstanding professionals I’ve met have playbooks and runbooks. It is not so much about their degrees, their experience, their network, or in which projects they’ve been part. It is the fact that they were able to translate all of that into a system that produces results. We developers do this all the time without knowing it: We have a problem We write a solution It provides results every single time a user uses it.

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An antidote

Seth Godin

Gratitude might be the way forward. So much of what ails us gets a bit better when we say ‘thank you.’ ’ Even when it’s hard. Especially then


Corona turns iconic holiday ad into virtual Tannenpalm Tree Lot

Marketing Dive

Taking inspiration from its 32-year-old “O’Tannenpalm” holiday ad, Corona has created a promotion that is both nostalgic and looks towards the future

Social Media, Online Experience Remains Poor for Marginalized Groups


A survey conducted by YouGov and commissioned by GLAAD, Kairos, UltraViolet and Women's March did not paint a pretty picture of the online experience for LGBTQ+ people, people of color and women--and the survey was conducted months before Elon Musk took over Twitter and gutted its internal and contract content moderation teams. The survey of.

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Breaks and Brakes

The Ad Tech Blog

After a few solid sprints, the next logical concern is the team’s velocity. How can I measure speed? Is my team moving fast enough? It is very tempting to default to micromanagement and to measure each engineer’s performance. I’m not against individual performance (it is helpful for compensation adjustment), but it doesn’t tell the whole story about your team’s speed. Another common pitfall is thinking that a slow day/break reduces velocity (crazy, but it happens.)

AdExplainer: Data-Driven Linear Vs. Addressable TV


Lots of people are talking about addressable TV. Data-driven linear,” though? Not so much.

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The Washington Post invests in climate coverage as its team expands to over 30 journalists


The Washington Post has grown its climate and environment team from six in 2018 to now more than 30 people. The investment signifies the importance of the coverage area for the publisher as it chases young readers who, it says, are drawn to this topic area. “It’s

Duracell’s holiday ad draws on nostalgic power of home movies

Marketing Dive

A retro theme extends to Twitter, where the brand is pitting old-school toys like Furby and Bop-It against each other in a bracket tournament

Less Than 1% of Clothing Is Made Into New Garments. These Brands Want to Change That


The waste created by fast fashion is so staggering in scope that it's nearly impossible to visualize. That's prompting innovative brands to chart a new path forward--one that diverts fashion waste from landfill, instead using it to create a more circular, sustainable system.

Have you done this before?

The Ad Tech Blog

Early-stage startups are great early adopters. They don’t have deep pockets, and they desperately need help. It doesn’t mean they are strange to fear. If you are providing a service, the question would be: have you done this before? If you are providing a product, they would ask: how many users do you have? So the chicken and egg problem arises: even if you give your product/service for free, there is always a cost for the customer to try it out.

How This Children’s Streaming Platform Curates Content To Reach Kids


An interview withSharon Kroll CohenCMO“On TV & Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. TV advertising is complicated enough without also having to worry.

Simple Strategies For Publishers To Combat Ad Blockers

Monetize More

Ad blockers are on the rise, and they’re not going away. In fact, their growth is only likely to accelerate. Ad Blocking software is used by over 615 million people worldwide, with nearly 200 million users in the US alone.

Leverage the power and reach of TikTok for your brand

Marketing Dive

The power of TikTok for growing brands is elusive to some. How can you use it to extend your reach

Simple Always Wins: The Story Behind ‘Speaking in Color’


I remember staring at the 17-foot screen thinking, "It's so beautiful, so mesmerizing--damn, we might be on to something." A year earlier, our client, Sherwin-Williams Coil & Extrusion, had tasked us with creating a campaign and platform for the architectural market.

Contractors and Employees

The Ad Tech Blog

In today’s market, there are companies paying between $40-80 per hour to contractors. Let’s say you are going through Series B and need to expand your team to 100 engineers. That would be a total of $128k per month, $1.53M per year. The remote workforce cost is increasingly getting closer to what you would pay for a US-based engineer ( average of $122k.). There is one key difference to notice here : you are hiring contractors, so by definition, they are more expensive than employees.

For Twitter, The Clock On Rebuilding Privacy Is Ticking


Vuk JanosevicCo-Founder and CEO“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

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Mobile Monday: Holiday Shopping Ther-APP-y

Digital Turbine

What’s the buzz in mobile this week? Jumpstart your week here: Black Friday has already come and gone and shoppers were eager as ever to catch online deals. Consumers spent a record $9.12 billion online shopping during Black Friday this year despite inflation and a return to in-store shopping.

Advertisers flock to new awards show honoring African-American talent

Marketing Dive

Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Ford were among the major sponsors of TheGrio Awards, a brainchild of media mogul Byron Allen

Twitter Updates Algorithm Powering Community Notes, the Project Formerly Known as Birdwatch


Twitter detailed updates to the algorithm powering crowdsourced fact-checking initiative Community Notes, which was known as Birdwatch in the pre-Elon Musk days.


User exit

The Ad Tech Blog

Users logging out or deleting their accounts are usually the last thing startups worry about. It is hard enough to get users in the first place, “ why would we worry about the log-out screen or account deactivations? We will deal with that later. “ Good example : Facebook Ads in the logout screen was a brilliant move for Meta a couple of years ago. They are making more money when a user logs out by showing ads.

Syntropy Partners With Zenlayer to Deliver Low-Latency Network on Demand to WEB3 Users

Martech Series

The partnership will enable Zenlayer to tokenize excess bandwidth and offer it on demand through Syntropy’s blockchain-based Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX).

Vast vs specific

Seth Godin

Try to fit in every general and conceptual detail when describing a very big concept and it’s likely that we’ll be confused. When you’re intent on explaining all of it, we glaze over.


As seen on: 6 ways marketers evolved product placement strategy this year

Marketing Dive

Brands from Coors Banquet to Kraft Mac & Cheese have seen tremendous value from product placement as viewer fragmentation increases

H&M and Buy From a Black Woman Take Their Holiday Market and Partnership on Tour 


This Black Friday weekend, H&M encouraged its customers in key markets to buy from Black women. And it's only just beginning.

Sitting idle

The Ad Tech Blog

Engineers without anything to do is the worst nightmare for founders. I often found myself panicking because I did not know which task to assign to someone. Most managers will create busy work such as research, PoCs, and testing. There is nothing wrong with those tasks, but they are not a good sign if you create them because you don’t want your engineers to be idle. Before you can create tasks, you need goals for the sprint.

The Power Of The Pixel; The ‘Sponsorification’ Of Amazon Search


Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Pixel Dust A network of website pixels, once the ultimate ad platform flex, can now be a liability. Continue reading » The post The Power Of The Pixel; The ‘Sponsorification’ Of Amazon Search appeared first on AdExchanger. Ad Exchange News Amazon ad units Amazon sponsored ads Erica Patrick Geoffrey Fowler Meta Pixel meta sensitive data Rewarded Ad Gate TikTok pixel

A paradox of status and power

Seth Godin

One can refuse to pay bills, bully employees, steal credit, work the refs and look for shortcuts… or pay bills ahead of time, elevate employees, amplify the credit of others and take the long road.


Winners and losers of Black Friday 2022

Marketing Dive

With inflation looming, consumers waited until the shopping event to get deals on categories like electronics and sought out financing options such as buy now, pay later

A Surprise Bouquet Slays Mrs Claus’ Holiday Blues in Poignant Teleflora Campaign


According to references in pop culture and advertising, Mrs. Claus is usually surrounded by legions of helpers--human and mythical--at this time of year, serving as the maternal beating heart of the crowded, controlled chaos.

Marketers using more data sources in search of better data quality


Marketers are hoping more data sources will translate into better quality data. The average number of sources used by marketers grew by 50% from last year to this, according to a new Salesforce study. By the end of next year the total will be nearly twice what it was in 2021.

Why The Next Big Bet On Attribution May Be To … Spend Less On Attribution


Advertisers of all stripes are rethinking their ad measurement and attribution strategy. Signal loss and all that. But the burst of new incrementality testing models, in-housing programs, multitouch attribution and.